Insensitive Parents Spreading Germs

March 12, 2013 at 8:41 am

One insensitive and uncivilized parent, sent his/her very sick son (feverish + watery eye) to Chinese enrichment class for 7 years old, the same class that my 6 year old (I still call her six year old because she’s just turned 6 in Dec 28th 2012) goes to.

Maybe the parent didn’t want the son to loose out in that 1 lesson.
Maybe the parent didn’t want to ‘waste money’ paying for that 1 lesson that the son would miss.
Maybe the parent didn’t even know the son was sick to begin with.

Anyway, she/he sent the son to class, and at least infected 2 children in the class with the boy’s virus. One of them was Zaria, the other Zaria’s classmate who also goes to the same enrichment class.

Zaria had fever and conjunctivitis.

And because I looked after her the time when she was ill, I caught it too.

And because Zara slept in the same room as us, she too caught the germs!

Amount of medication

8 freaking trips to the clinic, 1 trip to the hospital, 2 blood tests done, 5 types of liver poison antibiotic prescribed (only 4 reluctantly consumed), numerous eye drops and cream, 1 IV antibiotic, anti-inflamation syrup/pill, and etc etc (which we didn’t bother to take);

Why? All because some stupid and insensitive parent decided his/her son could go for class and infect other children with his sickness!

It took Zara 6 days to stop the fever, me 5 days, and Zara 4 days.

I’d never been this ill for a long long time. The last time it was this bad, it was when I got a very bad case of UTI, and had to be hospitalised, and this happened before the girls were born!

Even Zara told me, “Going to school and doing homework is better than being so weak!”


May the parent get cursed with the evil eyes too! At least he/she should have it for 2 weeks! That’s how long the germs his/her son passed to us stay with us!

If not, let him/her get some chili padi juice into his/her eyes accidentally for many times! (And if he/she didn’t eat chili, onion juice then!)

Antibiotic Explained By A Child

March 4, 2013 at 11:33 pm

Zaria had a fever, and it’s very hard to get her to take her medicine.

Zara drew this to remind Zaria what antibiotic is for.

Antibiotic Explained by a Child

Mind the spelling but I think it’s a good one.

Back To School Update 2

January 11, 2013 at 6:50 pm

How has school been after 2 weeks? If you are my FB friend, you’ll know that I’m pretty pissed with Zaria’s teacher. Here is what happened.

6th day of school (Wednesday 9th Jan) , and Zaria got caned! She didn’t want to tell us what happened, but I overheard her telling Zara about it.

After much coaxing during dinner, she told us while going to the toilet with her friend, they started playing, she gave the girl a punch, and the girl received it with clenched up feast. They were laughing at their games and WHACK, down came the cane, on her elbow, and on her friend’s.

After she related the incident, she had tears in her eyes. “That’s why I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay at home and learn myself. I’ll do worksheet on my own.”

We have to tell her we’ll monitor her teacher, and she had to tell us all about the scolding and caning she received and we’ll decide if the teacher is fair or just being mean. If the teacher is being mean, we’ll raise it to the principal.

Zaria's cane mark

Then today, Daddy went to speak to the teacher, just to tell her she should not caned anyone without first issuing warning, and she should not cane anywhere else except the palm. And guess what? The teacher denied! She said she didn’t cane Zaria.

If this only involved Zaria, maybe for some reason, Zaria just may have made that up. But she caned 2 kids! The other girl carpool in our car and they both related the incident to me (after much coaxing of course), and I confirmed the incident again when I picked them.

Since the teacher lied denied, we went to speak to the assistant headmaster about it, just to record the incident.

And….. Zaria told us over dinner that her teacher said sorry to her, “After daddy left, my teacher said Sorry yeah, Sorry yeah, 你这样乖,我做什么要打你 (you are so well behaved, why should I smack you).” o.O”
(Was she just being sarcastic for saying sorry? Or it was her way to admit it and apologise?)
Zaria then added, “I think my teacher is… “ (she made circles next to her ear with her pointer) o.O”

(Now don’t get me wrong. I think the girls’ school is a good school, small community, very good racial mix, and children come from all walks of life. The headmaster listens to feedback and take action. So if you’d asked me again, I would still have sent them there, unless of course I strike lottery and can afford private/international school.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Not that Zaria likes school since day 1, with the above incident, she began asking me :
“Why can you stay at home when I have to go to school?”

“When is Standard One Finishing?”
“After jiejie’s birthday.”

“After Primary school is what?”
“Secondary school.”
“YAY! Then I can change school…. Got aircon one or not?”


And then one day, when I walked her to the classroom where her extra-curicular activity was held together with the other children. She whispered to me, “So much 帅哥 in this school.” (referring to all the handsome boys in school). That’s probably her motivation to go to school. 😛

*Mind her English, she speaks broken English unlike Zara.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How about Zara? She’s doing fine, she really takes care of her sister.

She will look Zaria up during recess to go to the canteen together, and will look her up after school to walk to the waiting area together. Their class rooms being next to each other help.

As our carpool group consists of her and 3 Std 1 kids, she’ll be the one leading them to the waiting area, leading them to their extra curicular activities. Sometimes she’s frustrated with this, “Why do the older one always have to be responsible for everything?” But she’ll still do it.

Children Learn Modesty On Their Own – Wearing Under Protection

December 12, 2012 at 12:20 pm

One of the things I didn’t teach the girls, but since Zara started going to Standard 1, she likes wearing a pair of shorts under her pinafore when in school or under a skirt when she goes out.

Zaria too pick this up from Zara.

So I asked them to write about why they need to wear ‘under protection’ (what they called that pair of shorts they wear under their skirt/dresses), and these are what the girls come out with.

Zaria’s reasons.
Reasons to wear under protection

Zara’s reasons.
Reasons to wear under protection

Check out their last reasons… o.O”

Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zaria’s & Zaria’s October Chitter Chatter

November 27, 2012 at 1:39 am

Just capturing the girls’ October’s conversation (which I posted on FB), although it’s already end of November now.

While planning what to bake for Zara’s school carnival recently.
Me : Mei, what should I be baking today. For jiejie’s carnival?
Zaria : Chocolate chip cookies? (which I normally make with peacan)
Me : Yeah. Should I?
Zaria : Nope! What if somebody is allergic to nuts.. and chocolate?
(pretty right, but I didn’t think she would give me advice like this)

Before going to bed..
Zaria : Hmm.. I’m thinking about having kaya toast tomorrow for breakfast (she loves my kaya, just like Zara loves my pesto).
Me : You love my kaya right?
Zaria : Yeah.
Me : (just to tease her) What if mommy died and then who’s going to make kaya for you?
Zaria : I’ll hire Teacher Siew Pin’s (her kindy teacher) mother to make kaya for me.
o.O” (the other day she said she wanted a dog and she will hire a kakak to take care of the dog..)
Me : Zara, what about you? If mommy died already then who’s going to make pesto for you?
Zara : I’m going to use the iPad and google… hmm.. maybe not.. what if I don’t have an iPad… I’ll ask someone who knows how to make it to teach me.
Me : Why do you think you won’t have an iPad?
Zara : What if I don’t have money?
One always worry.. the other always optimistic.

Trying to shop on the net. Showed a couple of things I was interested in and asked Zaria if they were nice.
She took a glance at my shopping cart and said, “I’m not keen on stuff that are plain.” And then walked away.

While we were talking about birthdays..
Zaria : This year my birthday, I just want to invite jiejie (her only guest every year).
Me : Don’t you want to invite your BFFs?
Zaria : No. So I don’t have to waste time chi-chatting, and just spend all the time playing. o.O”
Zaria : And then nobody needs to sing Happy Birthday to me!
(but in November, she changed her mind, she even wanted to invite her teachers to her birthday celebration!)

For homework, Zaria had to colour a quarter of a cake, 3 quarter of a cake etc. As it was getting late (10pm), I told her to just colour them with one single colour.
Her reply? Slowly and smiling, “It’s my choice. You are not in my body. You are not my spirit.”.. and she continued to pick her colours, have her icing, the decorations, the flowers coloured in different colours for the quarters and of course carefully.

We were planning to buy mattresses and we shortlisted 2. 1 probably made in China, the other made in Malaysia. Zara chipped in, “Buy the one made in Malaysia. Barang Malaysia bermutu tinggi.” (Malaysian made products are of high quality)
I asked her how did she know that?
She added, “They taught us that in school.” o.O”

Over dinner Zaria just asked Daddy, “Daddy, why is your Chinese so bad, when your mother is Chinese?”

My Girl – 8 Years Old

November 21, 2012 at 11:53 pm

More than 8years ago, when all hope was lost, and we thought we would not have a baby, Zara was conceived.

Zara's 1st few days

Today, she turns 8. Smart, charitable, sociable and affectionate, her sister, Zaria, adores her; and we are always in awe of her energy, her way with words, and her obsession with hygenes. She amuses us all the time, and we are blessed to have her.

Now that she knows how to read, look up video on youtube, she sometimes like to go through the blog posts I wrote about her when she was younger, or to watch video of her younger self which I posted on youtube.

Here is a funny video of her when she was ~9month that she and Zaria both like a lot.

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday, with 3 of her friends from school, as per her request. It was a whole day of play, shopping, movie, ice cream, pop corns, eating and chatting, and all the children enjoyed themselves.

Happy birthday, Zara. We all love you very much.
Zara's 8th birthday

Kids Say the Darndest Things – Girls Oct Chitter Chatter

November 2, 2012 at 9:35 pm

Over dinner, Zara picked up a stray rice grain.
Zara : Do you know it looks like maggot?
Me : Every rice grain came from the sweat of the farmer, you know.
Zaria (put down her spoon) : What? I’m eating farmer’s sweat?
Me : It’s a figure of speech Mei. The farmer has to work very hard and under hot sun to plant rice.
Zara : So, farmers use a lot of sun block?
Me : I don’t think they want to spend money on sun block, because they are not so rich.
Zara : Maybe you should go and donate some sun block to the farmers.

Hubs had asked Zaria not to eat one of the jelly stick that Zara brought back from her school party, telling her all the artificial colouring/sweetener that it contained etc… She didn’t listen and had it anyway.
Zaria : Mummy, I think I’m going to die?
Me : Why?
Zaria : Because I ate the jelly stick.
Me : You ate it? I thought your daddy already told you not to eat it? Why didn’t you listen to him?
Zaria : Because I don’t want jiejie to be angry with me. After she came back and said, “why you didn’t eat the jelly I gave you? I don’t want to friend you anymore” (blame her sister some more o.O )
Me : Your jiejie won’t be angry.
Zaria : Now tell me, what am I supposed to do?
Me : Take some vegetable will help.
Zaria : It won’t help. I need a chemical stronger than that. If I die, who’s going to make you cards? Who’s going to make you laugh? I’m the joker in the house, who will do tricks which you’d never seen before?. … I want to live. If I die, I won’t be able to do the choral speaking in the school on Monday. My school will be very quiet I’m a chatter box in school. What I take to get rid of the poison?
….. she went on and on…..
And then she drew this.

Zaria's writing

And you would think she would not eat any more of the jelly? The following day, she told me, “I think eating a little will not make me die” Before I could say anything, I saw her taking a small bite from another stick of Jelly, and then thew the remainder in the bin. o.O”

What Happens If….. (Continues)

October 4, 2012 at 9:12 am

Half a year ago, I wrote about Zara going into an internal turmoil or worry state where she kept thinking of the worst of things and kept asking what happens if….. While things at school has improved, she’s still a worry wart.

One day before bed time, she found a mosquito in the room. She asked Daddy to swat and kill it. It wasn’t easy to spot the mosquito, so after a while, Daddy gave up. Zara got worried.
Zara : What happens if the mosquito sting me?
Me : It’s ok, you’ll just get an itch.
Zara : NOOOO. What happens if it has plasmasodium?
Me : o.O Plas-WHAT?
Zara : Plasmasodium, the parasite that caused dengue.
(It’s actually Plasmodium. I googled later then found out.)
Me : o.O …..

And another day, she put a pencil in her mouth (don’t know why she did that).
Zara : Dad, I put a pencil in my mouth. And I think I accidentally ate some of the lead. What will happen to me?
Daddy : Nothing will happen to you.
Zara : I remember you told me lead is poisonous. What happens if I got poisoned?
Daddy : The pencils now are made with safe lead. It’s not poisonous any more.
(thought it was over)
Zara : Dad, how long ago was pencil lead still poisonous?
Daddy : Maybe 30 years ago?
Zara : When did you get that pencil? (referring to the pencil she put in her mouth)
Daddy : Don’t know. Maybe last year.
Zara : What happens if the pencil was 30yrs old?
Daddy : It cannot be.
Zara : What happens if you forgot but the pencil was actually something you have for 30yrs?
o.O” Oh.. she can go on.

Other things she worries :
Such as when Daddy cuts her fruits, she’ll ask him, “Did you wash your hands?

Or when Daddy offers her a piece of Tamagoyaki from his sashimi plate, she’ll tell him off, “You took that from the same plate as the raw fish and you want me to eat? I don’t want to get salmonella, ok?.”

A Bad Fall – Girls’ writing

September 12, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Zaria had a bad fall 2 days ago. Instead of me writing about what happened, let me have Zara write about it.

Zara's version

They were together when it happened. One minute they were chasing each other, the next Zaria walking to me crying with a bloody nose with Zara following closely behind.

Here is Zaria sharing her experience.
Zaria's version

How bad was the fall?

This was taken yesterday.
Zaria's fall

This was taken today.
Zaria's fall

Scratches are drying up.. Now it’s to make sure she doesn’t scratch off the scabs.

Interactive Play – Barbie Design and Dress Studio

September 9, 2012 at 9:32 am

I’ll let Zara tell you about Barbie Design and Dress Studio.

Zara's writing about Barbie Design and Dress Studio(mind her spelling)

She asked how she should design her clothes, I told her she can always use the stencils, or just draw with freehand. So here is she doing this.
Zara designing Barbie's dress

Zara designing Barbie's dress

At the end of every ‘print’ she put on the dress, she showed to me and asked if it was ok. Here is the completed dress.

The front.
Zara's dress design - front

The back. (Yes! you can design the back too)
Zara's dress design - back

She was very excited to remove the completed dress from the ‘frame’.
Zara taking out the dress

And then dressed Barbie up.
Barbie's dress

She did another one a day later, which looks like this.
Barbie's dress

It was fun going through this with her… She has kept 2 dresses to be designed together with Zaria.

Note : The giveaway competition for this Barbie will be held end of the week, so come back and join in the competition to win yourself a set of this.

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