Interactive Play – Barbie Design and Dress Studio

September 9, 2012 at 9:32 am

I’ll let Zara tell you about Barbie Design and Dress Studio.

Zara's writing about Barbie Design and Dress Studio(mind her spelling)

She asked how she should design her clothes, I told her she can always use the stencils, or just draw with freehand. So here is she doing this.
Zara designing Barbie's dress

Zara designing Barbie's dress

At the end of every ‘print’ she put on the dress, she showed to me and asked if it was ok. Here is the completed dress.

The front.
Zara's dress design - front

The back. (Yes! you can design the back too)
Zara's dress design - back

She was very excited to remove the completed dress from the ‘frame’.
Zara taking out the dress

And then dressed Barbie up.
Barbie's dress

She did another one a day later, which looks like this.
Barbie's dress

It was fun going through this with her… She has kept 2 dresses to be designed together with Zaria.

Note : The giveaway competition for this Barbie will be held end of the week, so come back and join in the competition to win yourself a set of this.

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