Books Obesession and Others

September 13, 2010 at 5:51 pm

I love books (or maybe owning books).
I was called a book worm when I was younger.
I tried not to miss any book sales if I can, but I think I have to vow not to go to the next one just in case I went on a buying frenzy again.

After Daddy came back from China a month back with 10 new recipe books for me, I (and he) thought that should last me a while; then The Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010 organised by Popular started (4th Sept to 12th Sept)!

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Last Sunday, I told Daddy to bring us there in the morning.
We were in KLCC from 11am till almost 7pm.
The Bookfest was held in KL Convention Centre, occupying whole 6 Halls! Brightly litted, strong air con, with lots of staff around to help seach for titles, putting books (people took and placed somewhere else) back where they belong, it was very pleasant to be spending time going through books.

I spent the whole time in the hall, while Daddy went in and out.
He walked through the halls, picked up some stationary.
Then he brought the girls out for lunch (and bought me back a sausage roll so I don’t have to waste time going out to eat).
And after seeing I was not planning to leave still, he brought the girls to Aquaria, and paid RM85 just for tickets for the 3 of them!

Daddy took these photos just to show how boring interesting Aquaria was.
Girls in Aquaria

Shark swimming by

Girls looking at fishes

Zara pointing something out to Zaria

The most interesting part of Aquaria is probably the scuba diver feeding the fishes. The girls got lucky this time and managed to watch it.
Scuba diver feeding sting ray

Scuba diver waving

When they were done, Daddy called me to see if I was ready to leave. I wasn’t, of course, so he brought the girls to KLCC park.

By the time I paid up and left, it was almost 7pm, and our parking cost us RM20!

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Last Saturday, while we were thinking where to go, I suggested the Bookfest again. Daddy complained, “With all the cook books you have, if you picked something from the books to make each day, it’ll last you your whole life. Why do you want to buy some more?”
I argued back, “You should support my hobby. Instead of spending money on bags, and shoes and clothes, I spend on books!”
We went anyway, and had dinner at Hakka Restaurant; parked our car there (so that we don’t have to pay the exorbitant KLCC parking), then walked to KL Convention Centre.

Daddy brought the girls for ice cream so that I can have a start going through the books first.
Zaria having ice cream

Then he brought them in and left them with me while he looked at his books.

Girls followed me with their books, and made themselves REALLY comfortable.
Girls reading

Girls reading

Girls reading

Daddy took this shot before leaving for the English section.
Bookfest 2010

We stayed till they closed for the night.

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Yesterday, Daddy asked where we should go after dinner, and I said, “One last trip to the Bookfest?” I didn’t think he would oblidge, but he DID!

And we were there the 3rd time.

This time, only I entered. The girls followed him to KLCC to shop.

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Bookfest Loot

Besides these books, I got the girls some stationary, stickers and stamps as well. I also bought Christmas presents for the neighbours.

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

My 坏人 isn’t that 坏 after all…. 😛


May 21, 2010 at 2:06 pm





February 2, 2010 at 10:31 am

Sometimes you think he has no interest in whatever you do.
Sometimes you think he doesn’t care.
Then he took the place mat and help you with the lighting when you tried to take photos of your baked goods in the night (which is normally when you finished baking).

The person in charge of Lighting

The man in charge of lighting (if he’s around, that is) for most of the photographs posted in my other site My Sugar and Spice.

Boo Hoo, Holiday is over

January 3, 2010 at 10:22 pm

The girls’ one month holidays and my 2 weeks holidays are over! Dang!

Before my holidays started, I had big plans like wanting to watch some DVDs, read a few books, go for a few sesssions of massages etc. But…as though in the spirit of 1Malaysia, I only managed to watch 1movie, went for 1massage and finished the 1book I was reading even before I started my leave. Bah!!

Besides our Bali holidays, here are the things we did that made this holiday just zoomed by so quickly :

♥Beautifying the house♥
Daddy painted the bathrooms ceiling, and we also bought new curtains to replace some of our old ones.

♥Checked out Christmas decorations at some malls♥
And managed to catch the ‘snow-fall’ in Pavilion (which the girls absolutely loved).
Girls at Pavillion

♥Celebrated Tasha’s 4th birthday at Jungle Gym♥
Girls at Jungle Gym

Tasha the Birthday girl

♥Celebrated Christmas♥
With a Chinese dinner (thanks to my dad who paid for dinner)
Christmas Dinner - the children's table

And plenty of present opening.
Christmas Presents

Zaria’s favourite present is the muffin Ah Ku (my bro) and Ah Kim (my SIL) bought for her.
Zaria with her muffin

Zara’s favourite present is Patrick from Spongebob, but unforutely that’s not hers but her cousin, Alicia’s.
Zara with Patrick

♥Play with the girls or watch them play♥
They loved playing with the Elephant that my sister bought which puffed out butterflies for them to catch.
Girls playing

♥Girls did plenty of drawing and arts and crafts with no supervision♥
Zara cut out pieces of coloured papers and made this Christmas art.
Zara's Christmas art

And also a bag for me.
Zara made a bag with pieces of paper

Of course for Christmas she drew this.
Zara's Christmas drawing

Zaria not to be outdone, did lots of drawing too. And I’ll need to have another post to write about this.

♥Celebrated Zaria’s birthday♥, and to be fair, will have another post for this too.

♥Went to Sunway Lagoon with my sister and Tasha♥
Girls at Sunway Carousel

Zara at Sunway Lagoon

Tasha at Sunway Lagoon

Girls at Sunway Lagoon

By evening, all were hungry and the little one extremely tired.
Girls resting and snacking at Sunway Lagoon

Had a ♥New Year’s BBQ♥ (all were too busy to take any photos).

And of course ♥lots of baking and cooking♥.
Holidays baking Hop on to my new site to catch some of the things I made.


December 8, 2009 at 9:48 pm

upgraded mysite.. want to know if it’ll work

Added (9/12) – my itchy fingers clicked on WordPress upgrade, and ended up with an upgraded wordpress, but all my entries with Chinese words got messed up. The Chinese characters now are all in garbage, so are those comments left in Chinese. Sigh.

The price you pay for having ithcy fingers. 🙁

My Indulgence

November 25, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Have you ever walked passed those Reflexology centre and wonder what they do inside? Wondering if it’s a dodgy place, if it’s to cater more for male patrons than female?

I used to walk passed one and have all these thoughts running through my mind. Even when I’d tried and liked the dui na (推拿- Chinese ancient massage) I did in my Shanghai trip last year, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to walk in to the ones in Malaysia, until I tried out Liang Xin Reflexology Centre (良心) in Penang. I got hooked! And realised not all reflexology centres are dodgy (but still, some are).

Since then, almost every week, I’ll get dui na done. I’d tried Wen Hsing in Sunway a couple of times, the masseur was good, but the facility was so so. The bed smelled a little, making me uncomfortable to lie on. Then I found another place where the masseur was even better, and the facilities much better and cleaner, and the price the same.

I started going there, and use the same masseur every time.

I have tried Indonesian, Thai, Malay and even Clarin massage before, and most of the time I would doze off mid way, the massages were normally relaxing. With dui na, it’s different. They massage your meridians, rub on areas you hurt most, many times I felt the urge to punch the masseur, but refrained myself. It’s not enjoyable during the session, in fact, it’s filled with pain, but after that, it feels good, like the strain I’d been carrying melted away and I normally sleep like a baby after that.

I’d also tried scraping (刮痧) and cupping (拔罐). Both left marks on the back which looked like I’d been badly abused. Scraping bruises took about 3 days to clear, cupping marks took about 4 weeks to clear off from my back (4 weeks after I’d done the cupping, there are still some very light circle marks on my back). I don’t really feel any effect after these.

Cupping Mark

However, since I’d started going for dui na regularly, I don’t feel as lethargic during the day, nor having all the aches and pains at the back after sitting and working long hours. So it must be doing something good to me, maybe even the scraping and cupping helped too.

Daddy thinks I’m wasting my money, but I don’t indulge on anything else (ok, ok, maybe the occasional splurge on skin care or books), so I’m not listening to him.

Short Take

November 6, 2009 at 4:46 pm

Apologise for all the paid posts that have flooded my site. Suddenly I had ~20 assignments and all due the same time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We claimed credit card points for a new point and shoot, Panasonic DMC-TX7. Don’t ask me why this model, it’s Daddy’s points, so he got to choose the model.

Panasonic DMC-TX7

See the quality of the photo taken with the point and shoot

Bread taken with Panasonic DMC-TX7

vs the DSLR

Bread taken with DSRL

Not bad hor?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Some funny things the girls said recently.

Zaria wanted Daddy to read to her, and when he said he was busy, she came to me and instructed, “Mum, scold daddy, faster, he didn’t want to read to me”
(You can tell I’m always the one doing the scolding).

While waiting for Daddy to finalise his purchase in the camera shop, Zaria was saying, “It’s so boooooring here. I know what, lets go to to book shop. Mum, is there a book shop here?” After that, it was “I want to go to the book shop” all the way.

We were talking about why we need to have a maid at home. Zara said, “You don’t know how to wash the dishes right? That’s why you need Aunty Jelly.” Children are just so innocent.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zara’s passport is due for a renewal, and Zaria’s for a photo update.

This was Zaria’s old photo
Zaria's old passport photo

This was the photo taken few days back.
Zaria's latest passport photo

Oh my, how much she has grown.

And look at Zara’s old photo, taken when she was about the same age as Zaria now.
Zara's old passport photo

How much THEY have grown!

Random o.O”

October 9, 2009 at 5:52 pm

Lately, I feel so tired all the time. Even with all the supplement I’m taking, and sleeping early, it’s still the same.

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

When I call Zaria Little One, she tells me, “I’m not little any more. I’m big girl already.”
When I ask her to do something on her own like clean up or yesterday, to wear her own socks before bed, she said, “I’m still a small girl. I cannot do myself.”

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

Every week, we get Zaria telling us :
“I love you mum.” one day; then another day “I don’t like you anymore” or “You are not my daddy any more.” or “I don’t friend you then you know”

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

One day when Zaria was super naughty, since there’s no cane in the house, I took hold of a paintbrush the size of a cane (in circumference not in length), and smacked Zaria.
Later, when it was Zara’s turn to be naughty, I threatened to use the same method on her, and she said, “You smack me with the paint brush, I’ll ask Aunty Jelly to call the police and catch you.”

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

I asked Zara who was her favourite aunt, Karen yi-yi, Teresa yi-yi (my sisters), ku-ma or Ah Kim Jenny (my SILs). She told me “I like Ah Kim the most.” When I asked why, she told me the reasons, “Because Ah Kim is the most rich” Then further added “And also because mei-mei doesn’t like her. If I don’t like her, then she’ll be very pitiful.”

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

I enrolled in a baking course ran by Taylors but last minute decided to pull out because my neighbor who’s done the course before told me it wasn’t worth the money. Zara was quite keen in me joining the class, so that I can bake big cheese pies for her and also nice cakes (that’s what she said). So I asked her, “Will you blame mummy if mummy didn’t go for the class?”
Like an adult she told me, “No, I won’t because it’s your property.”
Then continued, “You just learn from books then, and also watch TV to learn.”

Baking Baking Baking

August 28, 2009 at 4:54 pm

Since we’d invested in a stand mixer, Daddy expects more frequent baking in the house, he was also hoping not to have to purchase another loaf of bread from the bakery, but have all bread baked at home. Over the 2 weeks, I’d baked hot cross bun twice; a loaf of bread, chocolate chip cookies and green tea butter cake once. The latter tasted rather awful, probably due to the macha powder which came from ‘aged’ leaves (which was very expensive but probably not suitable for baking) we used.

Here are some of the baking done in the last 2 weeks.

My 1st attempt on bread baking.
Hot Cross BunsForgot to ‘proof’ it and used a pan too small, it came out like a loaf. Tasty but rather dense.

Tried out a breadmix which cost RM12.9, just add water, oil, the yeast sachet, knead, bake and voila, the loaf turned out wonderful.
Premix BreadBut to me, this is cheating.

My 2nd attempt on the same recipe for hot cross buns.
Hot Cross Buns - Attempt 2
I followed the recipe closely (well, except it asked for sultanas and I used raisin), remember to ‘proof’ it and used 2 pans so the buns have room to expand.

Hot Cross buns servedThis time they turned out buns-like, but it’s still very dry and the crust hard. Any tip from anyone?
I think I’ll lower the oven temperature next time, and give it a milk wash right after I take them out from the oven. Not giving up yet. I’ll share the recipe once I get it right.

This is a recipe given to me by my best friend’s Father-In-Law. I’d tried it many times, and they are easy to make and extremely delicious.
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies for neighbours and the girls' teachers

Recipe for this :
150g butter
1/4 cup soft brown sugar
1/3 cup castor sugar
1 egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 1/2 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup choc chip
1/2 cup pecan nut (you can replace it with white chocolate chip or any other nuts, but I prefer nuts as it’ll be sweeter if more choc chips are used)

Heat up oven to 190 degrees
Cream butter and sugar
Add yolk and vanilla essence and beat further
Mix chips and nuts with wooden spoon
Spoon batter onto baking sheet and bake for 10~15mins.

The cookies will come out very ‘soong’. Enjoy.

Allign Your Spine Then You’ll Be Fine

June 1, 2009 at 1:27 pm

Visited my MIL over the weekend and told them (SIL & MIL) about Zaria’s lung crepitation, and the rash that Zaria is having (the same rash that Zara had). My SIL has a friend who is a Chinese doctor, and she told us we should let him have a look at the girls. Thinking that he’s the same type as my Chinese Doctor, we agreed.

Dr Low happened to be a specialist in Acupuncture and Osteorpathy, totally different from my Chinese Doctor who uses mainly herbs for tuning.

I thought he wasn’t very good with kids. While he was checking Zara, Zaria touched his desk calender as a cartoon drawing caught her interest. Dr Low raised his voice and said, “Eh, cannot touch my things!”. That startled Zaria and made her cry. Bad start.

One by one he checked the girls. It seems my girls have liver problem (from the blue hue in the white of their eye) and internal fever (forehead warmer than cheeks); and then the doctor checked their spines, he claimed Zaria’s spine is absolutely crooked (right butt cheek has a dimple but not left; protruding stomach), and because Zaria has a crooked 4th toe (since birth), he concluded Zaria has gall bladder problem too.

Before the girls started their ‘treatment’, I thought I will be the guinea pig, since I constantly feel tired, I’ll let him check on me and treat me first. One looked at the age spots (or oil seeds, what do you call them anyway?) that I have around my eyes and neck, he claimed I have appendix problem. But it’s genetics I told him, all my family members have them; he said, then it meant genetically all of us have appendix problem. o.O”

So I was brought to the treatment room and was told to remove my clothes. (I made sure Daddy was with me throughout) With just panties and bra on, he started feeling my spine. According to him, I too had a few discs slightly out of place. He will do Osteorpathy on me; which is actually a massage on the spine, and also some exertion to try to align my spine. According to the doctor, once the spine is aligned, the nervous system will function properly, and I won’t have any ailments. Before he started, he pressed a few of my meridien, and asked me to rank the pain I feel. After he finished he again pressed on these meridien points and asked me to rank the pain, the pain should vanish or lessen (which is true for me for some points). After this, he poked 4 acupuncture needles to my calf to further improve the ‘alignment’. This treatment made me ~RM330 poorer, and each treatment will only make me 10% better (which means I have to come for 10 sessions and spent RM3300 to get 100% better).

Acupuncture on my leg

It was then the girls’ turn. Zara volunteered to be first. Dr Low did moxibuxtion on her, which is to bring a lighted ‘herbal cigar’ (the girls called it Magic Wand) close to her meridien points to provide heat for 10 minutes or so.

Moxibuxtion on Zara

When it was Zaria’s turn, she didn’t really want to corporate, remembering the scold she got from the doctor. She was crying, and it was difficult to coax her to lie down. To make things worse, in the middle of the treatment, she moved her leg and kicked the ‘cigar’. I wasn’t in the room (Daddy was with her, since I have to be ‘resting’ after my treatment), but it seemed the ‘cigar’ landed on her big toe and burnt it. She wailed and it took a while to calm her down. As though this incident was not enough, while the moxibuxtion was done above her belly button, Daddy was asking Dr Low some stupid questions, and when Dr Low was answering his question, he didn’t realise the accumulation of the hot ashes at the end of the cigar, and suddenly the hot ash just dropped on Zaria’s belly (I saw it this time). Zaria gave a loud scream and wailed. Since it was coming to the end, we just stroke her and calmed the traumatised her for the last few minutes while the moxibuxtion continued.

Once it was done, Zaria clung on to me like a koala, and kept saying she wanted to go home.

The girls’ sessions cost RM100 each (and extra 1 time RM20 each for our registration or the creation of our files). We are all supposed to go for follow ups, but I’m not sure if we will be going again. It seems a bit mumbo jumbo to me. What do you think?

Zara called Dr Low, Dr Harry Potter, because the ‘cigar’ to her is a magic wand. When I asked Zaria if she liked Dr Harry Potter in the morning, she replied, “No. I want to burn him for dinner.” o.O”

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