My Indulgence

November 25, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Have you ever walked passed those Reflexology centre and wonder what they do inside? Wondering if it’s a dodgy place, if it’s to cater more for male patrons than female?

I used to walk passed one and have all these thoughts running through my mind. Even when I’d tried and liked the dui na (推拿- Chinese ancient massage) I did in my Shanghai trip last year, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to walk in to the ones in Malaysia, until I tried out Liang Xin Reflexology Centre (良心) in Penang. I got hooked! And realised not all reflexology centres are dodgy (but still, some are).

Since then, almost every week, I’ll get dui na done. I’d tried Wen Hsing in Sunway a couple of times, the masseur was good, but the facility was so so. The bed smelled a little, making me uncomfortable to lie on. Then I found another place where the masseur was even better, and the facilities much better and cleaner, and the price the same.

I started going there, and use the same masseur every time.

I have tried Indonesian, Thai, Malay and even Clarin massage before, and most of the time I would doze off mid way, the massages were normally relaxing. With dui na, it’s different. They massage your meridians, rub on areas you hurt most, many times I felt the urge to punch the masseur, but refrained myself. It’s not enjoyable during the session, in fact, it’s filled with pain, but after that, it feels good, like the strain I’d been carrying melted away and I normally sleep like a baby after that.

I’d also tried scraping (刮痧) and cupping (拔罐). Both left marks on the back which looked like I’d been badly abused. Scraping bruises took about 3 days to clear, cupping marks took about 4 weeks to clear off from my back (4 weeks after I’d done the cupping, there are still some very light circle marks on my back). I don’t really feel any effect after these.

Cupping Mark

However, since I’d started going for dui na regularly, I don’t feel as lethargic during the day, nor having all the aches and pains at the back after sitting and working long hours. So it must be doing something good to me, maybe even the scraping and cupping helped too.

Daddy thinks I’m wasting my money, but I don’t indulge on anything else (ok, ok, maybe the occasional splurge on skin care or books), so I’m not listening to him.

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