Short Take

November 6, 2009 at 4:46 pm

Apologise for all the paid posts that have flooded my site. Suddenly I had ~20 assignments and all due the same time.

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We claimed credit card points for a new point and shoot, Panasonic DMC-TX7. Don’t ask me why this model, it’s Daddy’s points, so he got to choose the model.

Panasonic DMC-TX7

See the quality of the photo taken with the point and shoot

Bread taken with Panasonic DMC-TX7

vs the DSLR

Bread taken with DSRL

Not bad hor?

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Some funny things the girls said recently.

Zaria wanted Daddy to read to her, and when he said he was busy, she came to me and instructed, “Mum, scold daddy, faster, he didn’t want to read to me”
(You can tell I’m always the one doing the scolding).

While waiting for Daddy to finalise his purchase in the camera shop, Zaria was saying, “It’s so boooooring here. I know what, lets go to to book shop. Mum, is there a book shop here?” After that, it was “I want to go to the book shop” all the way.

We were talking about why we need to have a maid at home. Zara said, “You don’t know how to wash the dishes right? That’s why you need Aunty Jelly.” Children are just so innocent.

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Zara’s passport is due for a renewal, and Zaria’s for a photo update.

This was Zaria’s old photo
Zaria's old passport photo

This was the photo taken few days back.
Zaria's latest passport photo

Oh my, how much she has grown.

And look at Zara’s old photo, taken when she was about the same age as Zaria now.
Zara's old passport photo

How much THEY have grown!

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