Clingy Period Started

December 21, 2007 at 9:37 am

Zaria has started the clingy period, she always wants me to carry her, and used to fuss a bit when I didn’t. However, after her fever, she started to cry if I didn’t oblidge or didn’t get her way.

She will cry with big tear drops, sometimes even going on all fours, and slaps the floor with both her hands, banging her head on the floor in the process. o.O”

She wants to be nursed all the time. Making the milk sign every time she saw me. Yesterday, when she did that again 30mins after I’d fed her, I commented, “Milk again? You just had your milk.. Mummy don’t have so much milk you know. You think Mummy is a cow huh?” When the word ‘cow’ was heard, Zaria did a “moooooo”. Made all of us laugh. Haha… Anyway, this post is not about how cute she is…

Here are some shots of these ‘drama’ moments.

Zaria after her bath

Oh, who’s coming?

Zaria spotted me


Zaria getting angry

“Beat!” She said, when I didn’t pick her up and she got a bit angry

Zaria crying dramatically

She stood up and cried when she saw me walking away. See those big drop of tears?

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