Zara’s Writing Project – update

January 29, 2010 at 12:19 pm

A couple of days into her writing project, she started complaining when I asked her to do writing after dinner.
“Why every day I have to do writing writing writing only and not have fun like playing.”
I told her she had her play time from 1pm (after school) to 8pm (after dinner), isn’t that enough. She just sighed and went on to write.

Yesterday, I asked her, “Do you know why I’m asking you to do writing every day?”
Zara replied “So that my brain will be refreshed and when I grow up, I’ll never forget to write.”. *Her exact words. I think what she really meant was, she will remember events and won’t forget how to write.

On another non-related item, Zara is becoming a rather strong character. She rarely cries when I’m stern with her during homework or piano practice time, although sometimes I can see her in the verge of crying. However, she’ll cry if Zaria bullied her (the slightest punch or a tug of hair) or when she has a fall. More like cry for attention and TLC.

2 days ago, I spotted a cavity in her molar (her very first cavity), and when I pointed out to her, she started crying, and crying, like loosing something precious. Being the vain pot that she is, she doesn’t want to have rotten teeth, as she’s very proud of her nice pearly whites. I told her she’s getting cavity because she’s been having too many sweets since Christmas. So she made a vow, “I’ll eat sweet and I’ll jump day. Yesterday if I eat (ate) already, then today I don’t eat, and then tomorrow I’ll eat again.” Good girl.

*If you asked me how I remember what the girls said, I actually write them down in pieces of paper.

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