Zara’s Writing Project

January 27, 2010 at 11:56 am

I just started a writing project with Zara this week.

I was worried about how she still mixes up d and b, writing j and s the other way round, and mixing capital letters and small letters in the same word (i.e. boG instead of dog, or dEb instead of bed), so I thought I should spend an hour each day with her, to get her to do some writing, what better way than to start something like a diary.

I’ll ask her to think about what she wants to write, then help her by
1) making sure she doesn’t mix capital and small letters in the same word,
2) spelling with phonics, or guide her on the spelling of sight words

After she’s finished writing, I’ll tell her the correct way of spelling some of the words that she’s spelled phonatically.

Here are her writing the last 2 days. Since she likes drawing, I ask her to attach a small picture about what she wrote.

25/1 – Both girls played with party poppers (they got from friend) without any adult’s supervision (although I’d told them before hand they can’t play with them on their own and told them what could happen if they did play on their own). I punished both by getting them to stand at the naughty corner, and when they started fighting at the naughty corner, I smacked both. She drew a sorry card for me (and drew herself on the naughty ‘chair). She crossed out the tear, and checked smile, and she said, “Having tears is not good, but smiling is good.”
Zara's writing

26/1 – When I went to pick up the girls from school, we saw a mother’s car window being smashed by a thief who wanted to get to the handbag the mother left in the car. I like the smashed window she drew.
Zara's writing

I hope by doing this, it’ll help with her writing.

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