Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zara’s and Zaria’s Chitter Chatter

May 11, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I love re-reading some of my old posts about the things the girls, recently however, instead of putting in a blog post, I put it on Facebook instead.

Just so I don’t miss some of their witty conversation, I’d better jot them down here too. These were some of their witty remarks earlier this year (I remember because I either put it on paper or update Facebook), some taken from Facebook status.

In Jan
She gave me the paper doll she created in her art class.
Zaria : Since I give you my dolly, you have to give me something.
Me : I give you my love.
Zaria : I don’t want any part of your body.
Me : I’m giving you my love. Not my body.
Zaria : Your love is from your body right? I don’t want any part of your body. o.O”

Caught Zaria watching Xmen2.
Me : I thought I told you no more Xmen show?
Zaria : But I remember in this show they didn’t say “kiss that, bitch” so I can watch right? o.O

If you’d been to the busy shops in SS15, you’ll notice near Mc Donald’s, there’s a dodgy place called Momo Hime Japanese Lounge. We passed by one night, and Zara said she wanted to check out the place.
Me : No, you can’t go there, because it’s a place for people and do hanky panky things
Zara : What’s hanky panky?
Me : When a man wants to go and date another woman who’s not his wife
Zara : You mean they go there to mate? o.O”
Possibly.. but I don’t know.

Zaria is very good with giving threats earlier this year. i.e.
If you don’t buy me the crown, I won’t let you take photo of me.
If you don’t XYZ, I won’t talk to you for 13yrs. o.O”
If you don’t …., I won’t ….. etc etc etc

Zaria asked over dinner one day. “How come in adult shows, they don’t just kiss one time, they go muak muak muak muak muak (pouting her lips she tilted her head left, then right, then left)”…. o.O”

In Mar during our holidays in Singapore;
Zaria saw so many Zara shops there, so she complained, “So not fair, every where there’s jiejie’s shop!”
Then she thought of an idea, “I want to change my name. I want my name to be Unique. So I’ll have lots of shops as well.”
(Their sirname is Low…. so Unique+Low = Uniqlo.) o.O

In Mar when I was maidless for a month.
Asked Zaria to peel garlic and onion for me.
Me : Zaria, can you please help me to peeeeeeel…………. (3s and the word is still not out)
Zaria : Onion is it?
Me : Yes. Make sure you peel them on top of tttthhhhe ………… (3s passed)
Zaria : Newspaper. Mummy, why are you loosing your words? Are you going crazy
Yes.. almost. Luckily it was only for a month.

One day, Zara kept interrupting me at work to help her with her homework. On the way to school..
Me : Next time you have to do whatever you know how to do first, then whatever you don’t, ask me at one go. I need to work you know. I cannot be interrupted so many times.
Zara : You have the whole day to do your work.
Me : It’s not a matter of whole day or not. If my boss wants something in the morning, I have to give it to him in the morning.
Zara : At least your boss don’t cane you. o.O”

无聊 (Eat Full Nothing To Do)

April 20, 2012 at 9:12 pm

Angry Birds and Zara's Work

Kids and Their Changing Interest

April 20, 2012 at 3:25 am

Like the season, Zaria changes her interest frequently.

At one point, she was crazy over puzzles. She would sit down and do puzzle after puzzle.

Then it was bubbles. She would sit in a corner of the house, and blew bubbles after bubbles.

Next came badminton. Every evening, she would ask Minerva, our helper, to play badminton with her in the garage.

This week, it’s cycling. Still fond of her tricycle, she would be cycling at the garage with Minerva watching over her.

I wonder what’s her following week’s interest.

Little Mozart – 5 years 4 months

April 16, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Zaria, now nick named Little Mozart at home, has progressed a lot since she’s started Yamaha JMC class. I talked about her progress about a year back, and now doing JMC Book 3, she loves playing the keyboard even more.

Besides playing the pieces taught in class, she tries to play the solfege pieces teacher got them to sing in class. Normally, the teacher will play the tune in class, and the children will sing the solfege; recently, she started playing these pieces on her own, even including the chords.

Here is a solfege piece she played.

She likes fiddling at the keyboard, playing her pieces using sounds from different instrument. She can spend 30mins to 1hr at the keyboard a day.
When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does when she goes downstairs, is to play the keyboard.
When she comes back from school, the first thing she does is again to play the keyboard.
She watches closely when Zara is practicing her Grade One piece, sometimes asking Zara to teach her. Being a very impatient person, even with Zara shouting at her when she made mistake, she persevered (which showed, she has a lot of interest in piano), and one day, she showed us she could play the Andante, mainly by watching Zara played and some some guidance from Zara.

She likes to be called Little Mozart, more so after she watched Amadeus with us, knowing how talented Mozart is.

And this cute piece was what she drew after her Yamaha class last week, the musical notes of a solfege piece her teacher has gone through in class.

Zaria's solfege notes

My happy Mozart. Daddy said Zaria has actually toned down a lot after she started being very into music. Just hope her interest will continue.

What Happens If…..

April 2, 2012 at 10:21 am

You asked about Zara’s dark side? Here it is..

She worries too much.

Over school spelling/ting xie (听写)
Zara : I don’t think I have ting xie tomorrow. But what happens if I have?
Me : Did you check your gong ke biao (功课表/homework list).
Zara : But what happens if I copied wrongly?
Me : Did your teacher say there’s ting xie tomorrow?
Zara : No, he didn’t. But what happens if I heard wrongly? Then I get everything wrong? I’ll get smacked.
Me : If it’s not in your gong ke biao (功课表/homework list), and you didn’t hear your teacher say there’s ting xie, then there is no ting xie! OK!
Zara : But…..
Me : Zara, please… time double check your gong ke biao, and if your teacher says tingxie or something, write it down somewhere so you’ll remember.
Started shedding tears, kept very quiet, looked worried. o.O”

Over school homework 1.
Zara : Can you read the instruction and tell me if I need to colour the picture
Me : *read* No, it just asks you to write the sentence that’s all.
Started shedding tears, kept very quiet, looked worried.
Me : *impatient* What is it now?
Zara : What happens if I need to colour?
Me : The instruction didn’t ask you to colour!
Zara : What happens if I my teacher asked me to colour? Can you call him and ask? o.O”
Me : We only call teacher for important thing. This is not important.
Daddy : If you think you need to colour then colour.
Zara : What happens if I colour and my teacher didn’t want me to colour, then he scold me?
Daddy : If the instruction said no need to colour, and you went and colour, it’s doing extra work. Teacher won’t scold you for doing extra work.
Looked exceptionally troubled, then relieved.
Zara : I think I’ll colour lightly, if teacher didn’t want us to colour, I’ll just rub of the colour when I’m in school.

Zara's homework

Over school homework 2.
Zara : I need a photo from our holiday.
Me : Do you really need one? *read the instructions* Instructions says you either stick a photo, or draw a picture of you on holiday.We don’t have a photo printed, so you just draw.
Zara : What happens if my drawing doesn’t look real? Then teacher will beat me.
Me : You are only 7 yrs old, your teacher cannot expect you to draw something that look real.
Daddy : Ya, your teacher wont’ expect you to draw like Picasso or Van Gogh.
Ok, that settles it. She started drawing herself climbing a tree which she did during the March holidays. After finished drawing and colouring, she looked worried.
Zara : What happens if my teacher asked me where are my parents?
o.O” OMG!
Me : *patiently* Just tell him, we are watching you from afar, so we are not in the picture
Zara : What happens if he said, “你的爸爸妈妈在那里?做什么没有在图画里?”(where are your parents, why are they not in the picture) and scold me.
Me : *impatiently* Zara, your teacher is not unreasonable. Just tell him what I told you. Your parents are watching you. If you are so worried, then just draw 2 shadows of us watching you.
Zara : What happens if cannot, every body must show their faces?
Started shedding tears, kept very quiet, looked worried. o.O”
Me : *very impatiently* Zara, it’s not the end of the world. Your teacher doesn’t beat you or scold you for no reason ok? You won’t get scolding or beating for things like that. Please. Little thing you worry, little thing you worry. If you worried so much, next time just copy down all the instructions the teacher gives, then you won’t miss it.
Daddy : Next time, just take your friends’ phone number. Better still, take 2 friends. Then if you are not sure, just call them and ask.


I was expecting the next question, What happens if they are not home?” o.O”
But phew… luckily she didn’t start..


And no, her teacher is not really unreasonable. I’m not aware she’s been scolded or beaten for any homework related thing. So far, she’s been caned (she said lightly) on the palm because her nails were not clipped according to the teacher’s standard (not all the way to the skin), and Daddy has already gone to the school to tell the teacher to exercise more care in his punishment, teacher apologised and told Daddy he will.


Tell me, if your kid is like that and how you handle it?

Zara – At 7 Years 4 Months

March 22, 2012 at 6:21 pm


Some of the characters and behavior of Zara seen at this age.

She says thank you generously.
“Thank you dad, thank you mum, for bringing me out.” After a shopping trip.
“Thank you Auntie Minerva for cooking us dinner.” After dinner at home.
“Thank you mom for the story.” After bed time stories.
“Thank you mom, for doing revision with me.” After doing revision with her and scolding her many times for things she couldn’t grasp after a few telling.

She likes to join in adult’s conversation, and will share her thoughts as and when, but never being rude.
“Excuse me, can I say something here? …. (yada yada yada).”

She is getting more responsible in getting her homework done on a timely manner, revising her spelling / ting xie (听写) on her own before coming to me to go through with her.

She is generous with her money. E.g.
1) She stopped taking her RM5/week allowance from me, as she said I can collect the money and sponsor a World Vision gift on her behalf.
2) When I mentioned I was interested in a Thermomix but have no money, she went to the room and took out her life savings piggy bank and passed it to me. “You can take this and buy whatever you want.”

Rarely does she throw tantrum, but when she does, it’s normally because she’s very tired.

She makes friends easily, and plays well with most kids.

She dislike having male teachers.
Her class teacher this year is a male teacher, she told me she doesn’t like him.
She cried last weekend refusing to go to swimming class because they changed her teacher from a female to a male. When I asked her why, her reply, “I don’t like boys to touch me.”
(I was worried and probed further, wondering if the male teacher touched her inappropriately, she told me he just held her elbow when teaching her the stroke, but she didn’t like it.) o.O”

She can take a lot of my crap, like my shouting and unnecessary scolding (mostly happen during revision). She will wipe away her tears, and then continues listening me. In the end still says, “Thank you mum, for helping me.”
Making me feel very guilty.
However, she will insist I say sorry to her later.

These are all her mature qualities.

She still plays like a crazy kid, jumping on beds, climbing poles/trees.
Picky on her food.
Eating like a connoisseur, “This fried rice taste likes there’s no garlic and onion in it, I don’t like.”
She still bullies Zaria occasionally, giving her pinch, or a smack sometimes for no apparent reason; although most of the time they are best of friends.

This is Zara, my girl who’s turning into a little lady.

Teacher Florence

January 20, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Teacher Florence is not my teacher, but the girls’.

I was planning to send the girls for art & craft class, and after seeing a couple of places and not quite happy with what they were offering, I thought of Florence, my ex classmate whom I’d not met for 20years; she was very good at art during school days, and currently teaches art class at the Japanese Cultural Centre. After several SMSes and phone calls later, Florence agreed to teach the girls at her place.

The girls enjoy her class because besides doing art and craft, Teacher Florence jokes with them and plays with them. And while the girls are working (on their pieces), Florence and I catch up, there’s 20yrs events to fill up, considering we were very close in school (don’t ask me why we didn’t bother to meet up all these years, I guess we always thought a meeting could wait).

It’s been 2 months since they started with Teacher Florence. Recently, I was considering switching them to a centre near by (As Teacher Florence is 30mins drive away from my place). Zara said, “Nope. I want to attend Teacher Florence’ class only.” When I asked her to give me a reason. She said, “Teacher Florence is your friend. Sometimes we say funny things or do funny things with her. We offered her milk shake with sequin the other day, and she laughed at our jokes. If you go to a centre and the teacher is not your friend then what will happen? She will say we’re crazy or ask us to just sit down!” o.O”

So Teacher Florence it is. They can enjoy their class and jokes, while I can continue to catch up and exchange recipes with her.

And these are the things they created in Teacher Florence’ class.


Haloween trick or treat bags

Haloween trick or treat bags

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

After a few classes, we could see a trend in the girls. Zara prefer something simple, while Zaria likes all the blink blink, sparkles and fancy stuff.

Zara’s no-nonsence paper doll and her clothes.Paper Doll

Zaria’s gypsy girl paper doll and her clothes.Paper Doll

Check out the make up on the doll!Paper Doll

And this was done last week, which I like very much!

Chinese New Year deco

Chinese New Year deco

In line with the last 2 drawings… here is to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Zaria The Bad Temper One

December 11, 2011 at 10:55 am

While playing building blocks at home, Zara smashed Zaria’s building, Zaria took a building block and then tossed it at Zara, hitting Zara at her forehead.
Zara came to me crying and told me what happened.
I asked Zaria to come out. As it’s not the first time she threw things at Zara, I picked up a huge piece of building block, and told her to teach her a lesson and let her have a taste of her own medicine, Zara will now toss the building block at her.
She had fear in a eyes (and surprise in Zara’s eyes), she immediately said, “But I was just about to say sorry to jiejie.”
I asked Zara if that’s good enough, Zara said, “She hasn’t even say it yet.”
Zaria replied, “I’m still thinking how to say it.” o.O”
I have to chip in, “Say it or you stand there and let jiejie toss the building block at you!”
Reluctantly, she shouted, “SORRY JIE!”
Zara replied, “That’s not the way to say sorry.”
I passed the building block from one hand to the other and waited for Zaria.
She took a deep breath then said nicely, “Sorry jie.”
I asked Zara, “Is that good enough?”
Zara replied, “Yes. That’s good enough.”

7 Year Olds’ Friendship

November 25, 2011 at 2:58 pm

7 year olds’ friendship is sooooo fragile.

One day it’s like this :
Friends Forever(from Chloe to Zara)

Another day it’s this :
Breaking Up letter(they have a disagreement in the car today and talked about breaking up)

Mind her spelling, she just started reading and writing independantly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Another incident unrelated to the above.

I met my secondary school mate in Midvalley one day, and I told the girls she’s my BFF.
Zaria said, “Huh? I’d never seen her before. How can she be your BFF? BFF is supposed to see each other everyday.”

Me and BFFs definitely need to meet up more frequently.

How Zara Has Grown in 2011

October 21, 2011 at 10:00 pm

OMG! I just realised I’d not put in a single post yet in October. I have been busy at work, and after work, it was to do revision with Zara to prepare her for her final exams.

Now the Final Exams Are Over!! At least I’m less busy at night (if I don’t have to work).

Yesterday, while Zara was sorting out her school bag, I just realised, she’s almost coming to the end of Standard 1! How time flies.

She’s done well for the 1st year in Primary school. Her 2011 at a glance….

She didn’t speak much Chinese last year, now she can quarrel with me in Mandarin.

She didn’t read much Chinese, and was getting ~8X% in Chinese for her first 2 exams, now she’s getting ~9X%.

There was a Li Bai’s poem taught in school, with the ending 2 sentences :
举头望明月,地头思故乡 (which is translated to : I lift my eyes to watch the mountain moon, Lower them and dream of home). And when I asked her if she knew what it was about she told me something like, “You look at the moon, then you think about the good old days.” o.O”

She said she corrects her English teacher’s English in class at times. o.O”

She started picking up bits of Cantonese from school, and she asked me one day, “How come all the Cantonese words are the 3rd sound?” (Chinse intonation 3rd sound). Quoting examples like, sek-farn (eat rice), fei-poh (fat lady).
Aaaa.. I didn’t notice that.

She’s now started swimming laps in her swimming lesson while trying to perfect her stroke.

She sleeps without bed guards, and knows when to ‘pull the breaks’ at the edge and not fall off the bed.

Although she prefers to be read to, she now started reading on her own too. Reading Sponge Bob comics, Geronimo Stilton etc.

She can bath herself now, and at times even bath and shampoo Zaria. Sometimes in times of need, even wipes Zaria’s butt after Zaria has done her poop.

She manages her own pocket money of RM5 a week (spending most of it buying useless things from the school bookshop).

She’s definitely done a lot of growing up in 2011.

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