Little Mozart – 5 years 4 months

April 16, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Zaria, now nick named Little Mozart at home, has progressed a lot since she’s started Yamaha JMC class. I talked about her progress about a year back, and now doing JMC Book 3, she loves playing the keyboard even more.

Besides playing the pieces taught in class, she tries to play the solfege pieces teacher got them to sing in class. Normally, the teacher will play the tune in class, and the children will sing the solfege; recently, she started playing these pieces on her own, even including the chords.

Here is a solfege piece she played.

She likes fiddling at the keyboard, playing her pieces using sounds from different instrument. She can spend 30mins to 1hr at the keyboard a day.
When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does when she goes downstairs, is to play the keyboard.
When she comes back from school, the first thing she does is again to play the keyboard.
She watches closely when Zara is practicing her Grade One piece, sometimes asking Zara to teach her. Being a very impatient person, even with Zara shouting at her when she made mistake, she persevered (which showed, she has a lot of interest in piano), and one day, she showed us she could play the Andante, mainly by watching Zara played and some some guidance from Zara.

She likes to be called Little Mozart, more so after she watched Amadeus with us, knowing how talented Mozart is.

And this cute piece was what she drew after her Yamaha class last week, the musical notes of a solfege piece her teacher has gone through in class.

Zaria's solfege notes

My happy Mozart. Daddy said Zaria has actually toned down a lot after she started being very into music. Just hope her interest will continue.

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