Children Learn Modesty On Their Own – Wearing Under Protection

December 12, 2012 at 12:20 pm

One of the things I didn’t teach the girls, but since Zara started going to Standard 1, she likes wearing a pair of shorts under her pinafore when in school or under a skirt when she goes out.

Zaria too pick this up from Zara.

So I asked them to write about why they need to wear ‘under protection’ (what they called that pair of shorts they wear under their skirt/dresses), and these are what the girls come out with.

Zaria’s reasons.
Reasons to wear under protection

Zara’s reasons.
Reasons to wear under protection

Check out their last reasons… o.O”

Zaria’s Writing – Her Love for Her Sister

November 19, 2012 at 8:50 pm

I was away during the weekend accompanying my dad to do his chemo in Singapore. When I got back, I saw this piece of writing by Zaria about Zaria.
Zaria's writing about her sister

Bad spelling, and bad punctuation aside, it shows that she adores her sister.

She’s always amaze at Zara’s ability, especially Zara’s ability to ‘swish’ her hips on the hula hoop.


And here are the girls on the hula hoops. Zara is a pro.
Zara on the Hula-hoop

While Zaria is still learning.
Zaria on the Hula-hoop

Zaria’s Writing – Easy Way Out

October 29, 2012 at 11:10 pm

As a rule in the house, the girls have to either do a page of writing (on any topic) or do some worksheet to earn themselves time on the iPad.

Most of the time, Zaria chooses to write, and after a while, she knows how to take the easy way out. Check out her writing below.

Listing her family members’ names.
My Family's Name

Listing our birthdays.
My Family's Birthday

Listing our birthstones.
My Family's birthstone

And improved further on the same topic.
My Family's birthstone

And the latest, writing about our characters.
My Family's Character

When I told her, “How can you always write about my family this, my family that?”
Her reply, “What do you want me to write? Five hundred lines is it?”


What Happens If….. (Continues)

October 4, 2012 at 9:12 am

Half a year ago, I wrote about Zara going into an internal turmoil or worry state where she kept thinking of the worst of things and kept asking what happens if….. While things at school has improved, she’s still a worry wart.

One day before bed time, she found a mosquito in the room. She asked Daddy to swat and kill it. It wasn’t easy to spot the mosquito, so after a while, Daddy gave up. Zara got worried.
Zara : What happens if the mosquito sting me?
Me : It’s ok, you’ll just get an itch.
Zara : NOOOO. What happens if it has plasmasodium?
Me : o.O Plas-WHAT?
Zara : Plasmasodium, the parasite that caused dengue.
(It’s actually Plasmodium. I googled later then found out.)
Me : o.O …..

And another day, she put a pencil in her mouth (don’t know why she did that).
Zara : Dad, I put a pencil in my mouth. And I think I accidentally ate some of the lead. What will happen to me?
Daddy : Nothing will happen to you.
Zara : I remember you told me lead is poisonous. What happens if I got poisoned?
Daddy : The pencils now are made with safe lead. It’s not poisonous any more.
(thought it was over)
Zara : Dad, how long ago was pencil lead still poisonous?
Daddy : Maybe 30 years ago?
Zara : When did you get that pencil? (referring to the pencil she put in her mouth)
Daddy : Don’t know. Maybe last year.
Zara : What happens if the pencil was 30yrs old?
Daddy : It cannot be.
Zara : What happens if you forgot but the pencil was actually something you have for 30yrs?
o.O” Oh.. she can go on.

Other things she worries :
Such as when Daddy cuts her fruits, she’ll ask him, “Did you wash your hands?

Or when Daddy offers her a piece of Tamagoyaki from his sashimi plate, she’ll tell him off, “You took that from the same plate as the raw fish and you want me to eat? I don’t want to get salmonella, ok?.”

A Bad Fall – Girls’ writing

September 12, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Zaria had a bad fall 2 days ago. Instead of me writing about what happened, let me have Zara write about it.

Zara's version

They were together when it happened. One minute they were chasing each other, the next Zaria walking to me crying with a bloody nose with Zara following closely behind.

Here is Zaria sharing her experience.
Zaria's version

How bad was the fall?

This was taken yesterday.
Zaria's fall

This was taken today.
Zaria's fall

Scratches are drying up.. Now it’s to make sure she doesn’t scratch off the scabs.

Zara vs Zaria – Food

September 5, 2012 at 2:06 pm

When it comes to food, Zara likes to call herself a half vegetarian, she doesn’t take much meat besides fish; and Zaria loves her meat.

Zara is a connoisseur, she is very fussy with food, and only enjoys good food. She takes the trouble to add flavour to her food, i.e. sprinkle this on her spoon of rice, add that to her cracker; and lay them out on her plate neatly so that it’s pleasing to the eyes etc etc.

Zaria on the other hand, does not bother much with flavour or presentation. She loves meat. Full stop.

This was our Monday lunch. Chicken burger & sausage with homemade bread.

This is how Zara wants her lunch to look like.
Zara's burger lunch
She wanted her burger drizzled with homemade pesto, and topped with slice parmesan cheese, and a basil leave. Just like how a gourmet burger shop would serve their burger.

As for Zaria, I asked if she wanted me to serve her burger just like how I did with Zara’s, she said, “No.” Went on to cut her sausage and burger while chewing on her bread. “Because I want to have a meat buffet!”, she said. o.O”
Zara's burger lunchAnd this is her meat buffet lunch. o.O”

Zara’s Writing – Our Family

September 3, 2012 at 8:34 pm

The family, as described by Zara.

Zara's writing - All About Her Family

Little High Heel Shoes Lover

August 23, 2012 at 11:15 pm

We saw a pair of lovely high heel shoes with metal heels in Jiufen, Taiwan. Zaria wanted us to buy for her, but I didn’t want to because the heels were pretty high for her age.

Since then, every time when we asked where she would like to go for holiday, she would reply, “Taiwan.” Why? “Because I want to go and buy the high heel shoes with the metal heel.”

We asked her back then, “Why do you like high heel shoes so much?”
Her reply, “Because high heel shoes is my destiny o.O”

Zaria loves high heel shoes. I’m not her influence, because I can’t wear heels. I have clumsy feet which will get twisted if I walk in a pair of heels.

My SIL recently went to Accessories warehouse sales and got Zaria shoes with High Heels + Glitter = Perfect High Heel Shoes.

See the happy face?

Perfect Heels

A bit too big but.. so what?

Perfect HeelsPerfect Heels

Since the 1st pair was a bit too big, my SIL went back and got her another pair.

Perfect Heels

Fits her perfectly, and make her look like a teenager.

Perfect Heels

How much does she like the shoes?

She wore them when she watched TV

Perfect Heels

She wore them to do her homework

Perfect Heels

She wore them when she used the iPad

Perfect Heels

And for someone who doesn’t bother tidying up after herself (you should have a look her pencil case and her bag), she laid them next to her neatly when she took her nap.
Perfect Heels

That’s how much she loves her high heel shoes.

And of course, she’s still not really satisfied, she still wants to go back to Taiwan, to get the pair that she didn’t buy.

Hyperopia Update

August 14, 2012 at 5:54 pm

Being diagnosed of hyperopia a year ago, Zara has been wearing her glasses for a year, everyday, all the time.

What are the changes we see after she started wearing glasses?

She started reading more, and now an independent reader. Her glasses definitely helps her with reading (less taxing = more willing to read).

Maybe her judgement is affected due the high power and/or her glasses, she doesn’t run as fast as she used to, and she has difficulty picking up badminton. Or maybe, this is just my perception.

Zara patchingShe needs to do patching daily (although most days she forgets), so that the vision of her right eye will improve.

So, how is she doing after 1 year?
Hyperopia power remains.
Astiq, right eye 0.50 increased.
Vision improved from 6/12 to 6/9.

Recently, we just got her glasses changed, and then I realised this :

Glasses and Long Lashes don’t compliment each other. No wonder she always have stain/lines on the inner part of her lens.

Zara with glasses

Zara with glasses


Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zaria May’s Chitter Chatter

May 31, 2012 at 11:26 pm

These are the things she said in May that raised my eye brow, or put a smile to my face (although I have to pretend I’m not amused).

Zaria made a mother’s day card for me but she can’t recall where she’s placed it.
Asked her to search.
She said can’t find (without moving her butt).
Me : Go help mommy find please.
Zaria : *moved her butt reluctantly* Find until I become an old lady is it?

About cars and money.
Zaria : I like your car more than Ah-Gu’s car (BMW)
Me : Why?
Zaria : B’cos your car is a bit more simple than Ah Gu, and you can save money.
Me : Save money for what?
Zaria : For your wedding dress.
Me : *laughed* But I’m already married.
Zaria : Then maybe save money for Zaria’s shop then. (she’s always very jealous of Zara having so many shops named after her, and found in all big shopping malls).

Zaria : Why is Ah Gu so rich?
Me : You ask him next time you see him
Zaria : Maybe he studied very hard when he was young
Me : Maybe
Zaria : And he work very hard when he’s older
Me : What about mummy? Mummy doesn’t work hard? How come I’m not rich?
Zaria : You.. you spend time playing with Bug Village (iPad game which I checked 4 times daily) only.

Zaria : Next time when I’m older.. I’ll buy a BMW.
Me : Oh.. will you give me a ride in your BMW?
Zaria : By then, you are dead already. o.O”
Me : I won’t be dead so early.
Zaria :Then you’ll be an old nenek (granny)? Yah.. I can drive you.. o.O”

On a day where her Yamaha class was cancelled.
Zaria : Why is my class cancelled.
Me : Ms Tan has to take a day of holiday
Zaria : Why does she want to take a holiday?
Me : (simply pick a reason) Maybe her daughter is having exams, so she needs to do revision with her?
Zaria : Oh.. you mean now she’s at home shouting at her daughter?
(revision == mom shouting at daughter… now you know how it’s like during Zara’s revision) o.O”

Zaria : I love you mum
Me : I love you too Zaria
Zaria : If you love me, why you scold me, pinch me, smack me and give me chili to eat then? Huh?

On the way home from school.
Me : Zaria, what songs did you sing in Parent’s Day last year?
Zaria : I cannot remember.
Me : I cannot remember too.
Zaria : I know, you can go to google, and then type Zaria, and then you’ll get the answer…. Wait, not Zaria. Because if you type Zaria, then all the things about other Zaria will come out. You have to type Zaria Low, then you’ll find the answer about me.

Zaria before playing the iPad (she likes watching those MTV with skimpily dressed dancers/singers)
Zaria : No sexy shows right?
Me : Yes.
Zaria : Then why did God create Lady Gaga? o.O”

The diarrhea bout I had early this month has made me lost some weight, so I could squeeze into the dress that I wore as my friend’s bride’s maid.
Me : Do I look nice? I wore this as Auntie Ping Ping’s bride’s maid.
Zara : You looked puffed up now. o.O”
Zaria : You mean you were Auntie Ping Ping’s maid? Her kakak? Cleaning all the mess after her wedding? (maid to her is domestic helper) o.O”

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