Little High Heel Shoes Lover

August 23, 2012 at 11:15 pm

We saw a pair of lovely high heel shoes with metal heels in Jiufen, Taiwan. Zaria wanted us to buy for her, but I didn’t want to because the heels were pretty high for her age.

Since then, every time when we asked where she would like to go for holiday, she would reply, “Taiwan.” Why? “Because I want to go and buy the high heel shoes with the metal heel.”

We asked her back then, “Why do you like high heel shoes so much?”
Her reply, “Because high heel shoes is my destiny o.O”

Zaria loves high heel shoes. I’m not her influence, because I can’t wear heels. I have clumsy feet which will get twisted if I walk in a pair of heels.

My SIL recently went to Accessories warehouse sales and got Zaria shoes with High Heels + Glitter = Perfect High Heel Shoes.

See the happy face?

Perfect Heels

A bit too big but.. so what?

Perfect HeelsPerfect Heels

Since the 1st pair was a bit too big, my SIL went back and got her another pair.

Perfect Heels

Fits her perfectly, and make her look like a teenager.

Perfect Heels

How much does she like the shoes?

She wore them when she watched TV

Perfect Heels

She wore them to do her homework

Perfect Heels

She wore them when she used the iPad

Perfect Heels

And for someone who doesn’t bother tidying up after herself (you should have a look her pencil case and her bag), she laid them next to her neatly when she took her nap.
Perfect Heels

That’s how much she loves her high heel shoes.

And of course, she’s still not really satisfied, she still wants to go back to Taiwan, to get the pair that she didn’t buy.

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