Zara vs Zaria – Food

September 5, 2012 at 2:06 pm

When it comes to food, Zara likes to call herself a half vegetarian, she doesn’t take much meat besides fish; and Zaria loves her meat.

Zara is a connoisseur, she is very fussy with food, and only enjoys good food. She takes the trouble to add flavour to her food, i.e. sprinkle this on her spoon of rice, add that to her cracker; and lay them out on her plate neatly so that it’s pleasing to the eyes etc etc.

Zaria on the other hand, does not bother much with flavour or presentation. She loves meat. Full stop.

This was our Monday lunch. Chicken burger & sausage with homemade bread.

This is how Zara wants her lunch to look like.
Zara's burger lunch
She wanted her burger drizzled with homemade pesto, and topped with slice parmesan cheese, and a basil leave. Just like how a gourmet burger shop would serve their burger.

As for Zaria, I asked if she wanted me to serve her burger just like how I did with Zara’s, she said, “No.” Went on to cut her sausage and burger while chewing on her bread. “Because I want to have a meat buffet!”, she said. o.O”
Zara's burger lunchAnd this is her meat buffet lunch. o.O”

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