Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2008 at 5:14 pm

Before I was a mother, I’d never known I was able to love and be loved unconditionally, twice all the same.
I’d never known I could hug a sweaty and smelly person, and still feel so much love.
I’d never known I could wipe poop, or pick someone else’ nose so willingly.

Before I was a mother, I’d never known the girls’ achievements meant more to me than my own,
That a hug from a little person could feel so warm, on a tired and stressful day.
That a wet and smelly kiss can be such great pick me ups.

Before I was a mother, I’d never known being a mother is so much work,
That I’ll have less time for myself and my time belongs to the kids’,
And still, I’d do it all over again, if I was given a choice.

♥Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers and Mothers-to-be!♥

Zara's Mother's Day Drawing

The Royal Party

February 26, 2008 at 10:17 am

My brother, the romancer the king, threw a not-so surprise party for King’s Wife to celebrate their 20th anniversary. He had the event planned out with the help of my nieces and his staff.

(I was sms-ing my niece, Ally, before the party, if King wanted a real surprise, he should have invited some of her blogger friends.)

It was a garden party in a down town restaurant; the place was adorned with flowers, and candles lining the path to the dining area, very romantic set up. They also hired a music machine for the night.
Deco in restaurant

The royal family arrived after everybody. King’s Wife wasn’t quite surprised because my brother burst his own bubbles in the car. Haih. Nonetheless, I think she must feel very ‘lum’ (Cantonese : touched to the core).

My nieces gave an opening speech, followed by my brother, and then without any planning, this happened.
Zara singing

Zara took on the stage with little coaxing from Sam, her favourite cousin, and started singing totally irrelevant A, B, C song, and then a Chinese New Year Song (Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni) to an audience of ~40 people. What guts she has! (My dad said she was just like me when I was her age, ever willing to stand up and sing a song to entertain his friends.) o.O

After her, my brother’s staffs made him sing ‘their song’ for King’s Wife, accompanied by a violinist. No prize for guessing who went on stage to dance.

Zara dancing

(It wasn’t a karaoke party, so the singing stopped here).

Ally conned her mum into giving her all their really old photos, using the reason that she needed them for school project. Using the photos, a photo slide was done on the royal couple’s courtship to the 20years they’d been married. Everybody had a good laugh seeing some of those really ancient photos!

The food was a disappointment, but when the DJ started playing all the 1980s hit, every body hit the dance floor; even Daddy, who normally shy away from dancing (I trust he had a bit too much to drink too). Haha.

Dance party

Kids dancing

Zara's Royal dance partner

Everybody Dancing

The girls, especially Zara, really had a great time.  What a great party it was!

Chinese New Year 2008

February 19, 2008 at 12:27 am

Another 3 more days to go and it’s the end of Chinese New Year and this will be stale news.

This year, we have such a low key Chinese New Year, mainly because the 2 weekends before Chinese New Year, I was in Japan. There was no cookie baking or buying at all, and the decoration in the house is minimal. Thanks to Daddy who didn’t do anything during my absence.

This year’s reunion dinner was held at our house, and we did something different from the past 9 years! We had steam boat, instead of the anual steam fish, steam chicken, stewed mushroom that MIL always dished out. I was busy in the kitchen and later with serving everybody food that I forgot to take photo of my handy work. *sigh*

1st day of Chinese New Year is always the same, we visit MIL and FIL in the morning, and then it’s off to lunch with my family and then a visit to my close to 90 year old maternal grand father.

And that’s it for us, the rest of the new year, it’s stay at home (except for the open house that my bro threw). So low key, huh?

Some of the photos taken during the New Year.

Yearly, we serve tea to my dad and wish him good health, and in return get a big ang pow. This year, Zaria joined in as well.
Chinese New Year 2008 - Tea Ceremony

Zaria enjoying a stroll and a roll in the royal garden.
Chinese New Year 2008 - Zaria

Zara playing those (hopefully kid friendly) Pop Pop fire crackers. Red Cheong-sum was hand-me-down from my niece Samantha (and Zara’s favourite cousin) who wore that to my wedding 10yrs ago!
Chinese New Year 2008 - Zaria

It’s always a difficult feat to take photos of the cousins together. At some point, one will try to sneak away, or one or two will cry. These few are by far the best shot during this Chinese New Year.
Chinese New Year 2008 - with cousins

In The Mails

January 19, 2008 at 7:45 am

See what we got in the mails the last 2 months.

♥For Zara♥

A beautiful hand made dress from Jesslyn.
From Jesslyn

A sexy dress/top with crocheted word “Zara” from someone who doesn’t want to be named (just in case everybody ask her to do one for them).

♥For Myself♥

A practical bag holder from DR.

And a set of Dove items with a tote (which I gave them to Jelly, since I don’t think I’ll ever use them) and a t-shirt from Dove (which says, “Be yourself. Be Beutiful.”) that I like very much, for writing this; all the way from US.
From Dove

And also greeting cards from May and Hui Sia!

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! ♥Muaks♥

Partying Days Are Over

January 7, 2008 at 3:22 pm

During the year end, there’s normally a lot of partying to do within the family. There are lots of birthdays to celebrate, and then Christmas and New Year celebration etc etc.

Here are some photos of 2007 year end parties (oh well, if you could call the eat-and-talk, eat-and-more-talk sessions parties).

Tasha’s birthday was celebrated in a Chinese Restaurant, it was also my dad’s early Christmas treat to the family.
Tasha's birthday

Tasha’s cuting her cake. The girls checking out the Elmo Jelly cake

We had a Nasi Lemak pot luck at King’s Wife’s place on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Even entertainment

My father entertaining Zaria; The older kids played charade while we adults do the guessing

We also celebrated Zaria’s 1st birthday together with my brother’s XXth birthday. Since Lilian from a Piece of Cake could not bake Zaria’s cake, I made it myself. Banana cake with Mascarpone frosting.
Zaria's and my brother's cake

Applying the frosting and drizzling toffee just before it was served (kids have fun helping and licking the spatula). Not too bad looking for a first time effort (in frosting a cake).

Before 12am, kids were getting restless and eager to open up the presents.
Presents opening time

All happily checking out the presents while Zaria was more keen on tearing the wrapper than the present itself.

Turkey was too expensive this year, so instead of paying for a RM200 bird, I roasted a RM14 chicken at home on Christmas Day.
Christmas Dinner

Preparing the potato casserole; the chicken all roasted; the chicken ready to be served; the mix fruit and nuts stuffing

Last week, I was still working half days on certain days. Now that the holidays are over, it’s back to the grind! Baaaa!

Welcome 2008

January 1, 2008 at 12:48 am

This year went by really quickly. I guess having 2 young kids mean time is more precious and it vanishes before you knew it.

2007 Collage Part 1

In 2007
Little Zaria got jaundice.
Zara caught a mild chicken pox.
Zara trying to get used to having Zaria around.
Zara toilet trained.
Indulged in Zara’s horse riding hobby.
We braved Frasers Hill and Genting Highland with the 2 girls.
Enjoyed Zaria’s first : First sit, first crawl, first solids, first stand, first laugh, first word, etc etc.
Finished my 3 months maternity and brought work home, started working almost full time at home.
Have Jelly joined us as an additional helper at home.
I declined a high profile and high stress role and instead chose to be a kooly.

2007 Collage Part 2

In 2007
Baked a lot.
Girls getting to use to each other, and sometimes even enjoy each other’s company.
Braved Langkawi without the maids.
Went up North to say our thanks.
Daddy and mummy went for a holiday without the girls first time in 3 years.
I joined the blog for money gang.
Zara’s 3rd Birthday.
I got my medical results and am so happy all looks well except I have to watch my cholesterol.
Zaria’s 1st Birthday.

In 2007
3 of my good friends who’d been married for more than 5years, and tried for a baby for as long as I did, concieved.
One just gave birth to a girl.
One is expecting twins, a girl and a boy.
And I hope my best friend will very soon go pass the 1st trimester with no problems.

♥Happy New Year to Everybody!♥
♥Hope 2008 bring you Joy, Happiness, Health and Peace.♥

Merry Christmas from My Two Girls

December 24, 2007 at 8:38 am

Christmas is about ….



It’s about…

♥Giving Help♥

Zara helping Zaria to wash her hands

Zara helping to 'wash' Zaria

It’s about…




It’s about…


The 'girls' sleeping together

Zaria and Zara holding hands when they slept

It’s about…


Zaria Kissing Daddy

Zaria loves bears

♥Merry Christmas Everybody♥

~ From My Two Girls, Zara and Zaria, ZMM and Daddy

Happy 3rd Birthday Zara

November 22, 2007 at 2:05 pm

Yesterday was Zara’s actual birthday! I was meant to post this up yesterday but in the evening,  we brought her out for ice cream to celebrate and when we got home, it was “Mummy-finished-work-already-so-play-and-read-to-me” time for the 2 girls.

The girl is 3 years old now. See how she’d evolved :

Zara : 21/11/04

Zara : 20/11/05

Zara : 21/11/06

Zara : 21/11/07

Mummy and Daddy both love you very much! You are indeed very precious to us!
We may not be able to spend as much time with you now as before, but don’t think that with Mei-mei’s arrival, we love you any less.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Zara

My Girl is Almost 3

November 19, 2007 at 12:57 pm

The birthday party preperation started quite a while back, thinking whom to invite, what food to serve (cook? cater? fast food?), what cake to order, what should be included in the party pack, and how to accomodate all the people in our small house.

Last Friday, I woke up at 6am from Stress!
I got changed, and went to the wet market to buy some of the ingredients still missing from the dishes that we’ll be cooking for Zara’s birthday celebration.

We had about 40 guests. 12 kids, and 28 adults, mainly family and the neighbours whom Zara has been playing with. The party was last Saturday, 4 days before her actual birthday.

The preparation (chopping, peeling, seasoning etc), cooking and baking started on Friday. I did those that do not required time at the stove, e.g. cup cakes, coleslaw, grilled chick wings, garlic bread. Tuyam cooked the curry, fried chick wings, fried noodle and rice. We bought some Char Siew (Chinese : BBQ Pork) and Pizzas last minute, worried that there may be not enough food.

Cup Cakes and Party Packs

Heaps of cupcake baked. Items in Party Packs meant for majority of the kids (babies and older kids have different items) bought from Shanghai 

I baked, cooked, decorated the house, coordinated the re-arranging of the furniture, packing the party packs, confirming with guests if they are coming, etc etc. On Saturday, what did Daddy do huh? He was reading newspaper, when I was working hard at the kitchen and at the same time trying to entertained the girls. He stopped only when I gave him the icy cold stare, and told him to get some baloons blown up. He got the cheek to complain our pump is not the right pump!! Then when I nagged him, he said if I was so stressed out, I shouldn’t throw any more birthay parties at home! Grrrrrr! To give him some credit, he did the last minute shopping and picked up the cake and the pizzas. Oh, and he paid for most of the things.

We had way too much food when every thing was placed on the table (so buzy running around, didn’t even have time to take photos of the food), and lots of left over after that.

When the guests started arriving, we could feel the house was really crammed. We didn’t have enough chairs, so pepole have to sit on the floor.

All the younger girls were admiring Zara’s cake, ordered from A Piece of Cake, just like last year, but this year’s theme is Princess!!!
Zara's birthday cake

The Birthday Girl

Zara and her friends in the neighbourhood

Zara and her friends from the neighbourhood

Candle blowing

Zara and her favourite cousin, Sam (with Zaria looking a bit lost); Zara & Zaria with cousins; Zara making sure I didn’t burn the cake; Zara blowing her birthday candles

After cake cutting, it was game time. I got my two older niece and newphew, Ally and Nick, to organise the games and they did really well. With the help of Sam and Norman, the younger kids have a blast!!

Friends and Family

Kids having a blast

I must really thank Nick, Norman, Ally and Sam for helping with the kiddos, and making sure they have a great time!

Zara and Zaria with cousins

Here’s one for the family album

Chinese New Year 2007 – Photos

February 23, 2007 at 6:40 pm

This Chinese New Year is just like any Chinese new year, it’s HOT HOT HOT! And just like every year, there’s some some visiting to do and dinner with family and friends.

The creative Zara has created her own Chinese New Year greetings unknowingly. Her way of saying GONG XI FA CAI is KUNCI (Malay : key, a Malay word she knows) FARTING since she doesn’t know Chinese, this is her way of remembering foreign sounding words using words she knows.

Girls' clothes

The girls’ new clothes for the New Year

Zaria clutching her angpow

Zaria clutching her first ang pow from ma-ma (Chinese : paternal grandma)

CNY Tradition

Our family’s Chinese New Year tradition, the younger generations offering tea to the older generation and receiving ang pows or red packets in return

Zara in the Curve

Zara in The Curve. I like the Chinese New Year decorations there.

Chloe's party

Besides the normal visiting, Zara also attending our neighbour’s Chloe’s birthday party

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