Weekend Short Takes

December 4, 2006 at 1:22 pm

Daddy installed the Ikea chest of drawers we bought for the girls’ clothes in our room, and a new toy storage bench for Zara’s toys, with lots of interruptions help from Zara. Now the girls will have proper place to store their clothes (I used to store Zara’s clothes in Ikea bought boxes), and later, a proper play room (we planned to convert one of the rooms to a play room so that Zara can stop messing up playing in the living room).

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

We have a big family dinner at Eat Work Shop on Saturday, in honour of my nephew, Nick, and niece, Ally, who got 5As each for their UPSR (Primary 5) exams.

Zara was happily occupied by her favourite Sam jie-jie and Norman kor-kor (her 2 younger cousins), and I have Tuyam (who rarely goes out with us) to run after her. It means I could stuff my self silly with all the sumptuous food (And Eat Work Shop does serve very good western cuisine).

She kept sticking to Sam jiejie

Zara with her favourite 2 younger cousin, Sam and Norman; Sam with Tasha; The dinner table; The 2 As scorers with the dinner sponsor, my dad.

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Daddy insisted that we go visit an Ostrich Farm (he thinks I’m still super mobile in my 9th month pregnancy) on Sunday and decided to go to the one in Klang.

For RM15/adult, it was more of a ‘mini zoo’ than an Ostrich Farm. We saw some sickly ponies, bald ostriches, skinny horses, ugly pythons and other small unhealthy looking animals in a smelly and muddy environment. Zara wanted to leave the minute we stepped into the ‘farm’, claiming it was “So smelly!”, and she refused to walk about, saying the ground is “So dirty.”, and complaining the ostriches are “So ugly.” In and out, it took us less than 30mins.

Daddy said, “Give me another hour, and I’ll bring you to the one in Semenyih, which is supposed to be bigger and better.” But I said that’s enough of Ostriches and smelly animal dung for a day. So we went home instead.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

For dinner, we went to Benkay Japanese Restaurant in Nikko Hotel, since I got a RM50/- off voucher.

Dinner was absolutely lovely. Zara ate some softshell crab maki, a whole prawn tempura, and a bowl of chawan-mushi. It always gives us a good feeling to see her enjoying her food (which is rather rare).

After dinner, we spent sometime enjoying the Christmas Deco (We forgot to bring the camera, what a waste). Daddy purposely drove passed the busy Jalan Bukit Bintang to look at the Deco put up by the malls and the hotels. However, the decorations were pretty lame.

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