2012 So Far…

February 9, 2012 at 5:51 pm

One and the half month is over for 2012. What has been happening here? All I can say is BEEZEE.

Zaria goes to kindergarten in the morning. Zara goes to school in the afternoon.

We have carpool arrangement for Zaria, so Daddy sends 3 mornings a week, and I pick up 2 afternoon a week. The rest, my neighbor handles.

With Zara, unlike last year, there’s no carpool arrangement. I do the sending and picking up myself.

Extra-classes and Tutoring.
The girls have a couple of activities and classes lined up for them.

Zaria – Swimming, Art & Craft, Mandarin, Yamaha,

Zara – Swimming, Art & Craft, Mandarin, Piano, Speech & Drama, English, Bahasa Malaysia.

Besides Swimming and Art & Craft where the girls attend together; and Bahasa Malaysia where the tutor comes to the house; the rest are different classes, different timing and guess who has to do the chauffeuring?

How many trips in and out do I have to make? And I wonder how come the mother ends up doing all the driving even though she has to work too!

Jelly has left for good on Sunday, after working with us for 5yrs.

Kind of miss the ‘piling-palang’ noise she made at home, and her loud bossy voice. She’s actually an OK helper, just stubborn and have an attitude. Trustworthy and no-nonsense is her plus points.

Our replacement was supposed to arrive a day after Jelly left. But just like all the con-artist Agents who over commit and under deliver, the paper work was not completed on time, and God knows when it’ll be done and the new helper will arrive.

We’re estimating 2 to 3 weeks maidless period. Zaria is now sent to my MIL’s place after school (take a wild guess who sends here there and who picks her up?), just so all the little ‘unplanned’ demands she has will not interrupt my work schedule or meetings.

So here is the work from home mum with a full time job, who’s also a full time driver, and now a full time maid all roll into one. I’m so not going to be born as a female next life!

And who says I’m so lucky to be able to work from home?

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