Say Goodbye to Big Solid Boobs

July 4, 2008 at 11:53 pm

Zaria nursing

After 18months of breastfeeding Zaria, it has come to an end. My milk supply dwindled to a mere 6oz a day in May with the increasing work travels.

I refused to bring the breast pumps to US as I intended to stop since Zaria was coming to 18months. No engorgement, no leaking breasts, my body just stopped producing. And how did Zaria cope? She’s fine having her formula milk. She asked for the breast a few more occasions when I got home, I told her, “Mummy’s breasts no more milk.” and she replied, “Suck suck breast oni (only)” pulling my top up. And she really meant it, just a minute, and she let go.

On days, when she tries to be funny, she tells me “Mummy, want suck suck breast.”, and when I lift my top, she turns away, and then looks back at me smiling cheekily and says, “Don’t want.” repeating this a few times. OR she pulls up my top, and pinches the breasts, and says, “Peet Peet” (the sound of honking). I can’t remember Zara being so cheeky last time.

Then there was once, she asked for the breast, and after just a while, she let it go and said, “No milk oh-di (already).”

The request to nurse and actually nursing, is becoming more infrequent. Now, she said, “Mummy, make milk” or “Aunty, make milk.” when she wants her milk.

Nursing Zaria for 18months just like Zara (see, I’m fair!) has brought me some embarrassment (leaky breasts) and some pain (engorgement, the biting) but it’s all worth it. We have lots of private 1 on 1 to increase bonding, she has strong immunity, and she’s rather smart for her age because of all the DHA I was giving her from my milk.

Now the time has come. I chucked away my nursing bra and bought myself some new bra, and I’ll be putting up an ad to sell my pumps and all other nursing gear.

Zaria with a bottle

The big solid boobs are gone, the bottles are here to stay. Goodbye Big C, hello Little B (or is it A?).

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