San Antonio – The Paid Holidays

June 28, 2008 at 1:02 pm

Continuation from here.

After a few phone calls, multiple online chats with Simple American, we finalised our plans for the weekend in between our 2 weeks training.

5 of us were meeting S.A and family in San Antonio. We drove 3hrs there on Friday night (30th May) right after class. My colleagues weren’t very sure about being shown around by ‘my friend’, S.A., but after a few hours spent with he and his family, they thought he was the nicest American they’d ever met! Such hospitality, driving all the way down from Houston, so that he could be our tour guide.

Here is what we’d done and see.

Forget NeverLost, tailing S.A is much safer.
Tailing Simple American

First stop is Enchanted Rock.

Someone’s artwork.
Rock Art

That’s the rock we’re climbing.
Enchanted Rock

The trail up Enchanted Rock.
The Trail up Enchanted Rock

The view from the summit. (Those 2 are S.A’s kids)
View from the summit

With temparature above 30C and no trees to provide shade, it was quite torturous. S.A did a good job by having a cooler in his truck, and he had so much cold water, Starbucks coffee to pass around!

Lunch was at Fredericksburg, a charming little small German town.

We get to sample a lot of Texas specialty from a Rustlin Rob’s, from jams to dips to fudges. Try all you want and can!

Rustlin Rob's

And while trying to take a rest after lunch before our next destination, we realised we were siting right under a Pecan tree!

We started cracking them and distributing them among ourselves.
Rustlin Rob'sThey are so expensive in Malaysia, and you get to eat them for free right in Texas!

Our next statepark was Pedernales Falls.

Everywhere in the park, you get warned about Flash Floods.
Flash Flood Warning Sign

The area that we visited (you can swim in some pools but this one we visited didn’t allow even the water to be touched).
Pedernales Falls

This reminds me of Pamukkale in Turkey.
Pedernales Falls

We left Pedernales Falls at ~8pm but the sky was still bright! I’m quite amazed that S.A’s kids were so sweet and didn’t mind following a group of adults going from places to places. They blended in so well. Some other kids would probably have complained!

The following morning, we visited Mecardo, a Mexican market, in San Antonio. It’s shopping for us ladies, and the men did some sight seeing around San Antonio.

Fried Mexican Bread

Goods For Sale in the Mercado

Credit : Mom2Ashley

After lunch, it was another round of shopping in San Marco’s Premium Outlet! My friend’s Timberland which was bought the week before got thrown away by Houskeeping in the hotel, the hotel gave him USD100 as compansation, this was why we went back, to get another pair of Timberland. We shopped till the shops were closed (6pm). Without the Memorial Day Sale Discount, and S.A following me around, I didn’t get much (very ‘paiseh’ or shy), but still ended up with another handbag (I swear this is going to be my last handbag purchase for a long long time.)

Before we headed back to Houston, we stopped at Austin, the capital of Texas, just to do a quick glance around the State Capital.

Around the State Capital.
Around State Capital

Credit : Mom2Ashley

The State Capital, Austin.
The State Capital, Austin

My Shanghai colleague commented that Texas sky seems higher, and bluer. I so love the sky in Texas!
Texas Sky

What else did we discovered? Texas squirrels are so shameless!
Texas Sky

It was then time to bid farewell to S.A and family (although I got to meet them another around for dinner the following week). We were both leaving for different parts of Houston.

For dinner, it was something that S.A talked about. The burget joint that’s only available in Texas!
Tailing Simple American Whataburger! Whatameal!

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