Hong Kong 2008

April 9, 2008 at 2:39 pm

The coackroach porridge was from Hong Kong. I didn’t complain because I packed and had it in the office. 🙁

I was in Hong Kong with Mom2Ashley for a week for work from 30th March to 7th April. Our meeting ended on Friday the 4th. Mom2Ashely returned home on the 5th, I stayed on another night and slept over in my ex classmate’s house. A classmate I’d not met and contacted for almost 15years! It was really nice to catch up and meet up with her, her husband and her extremely friendly 2 sons!

Before you say, “Oh.. lucky you, another overseas work trip.” Hold it. The shopping was nice, but we worked hard. Everyday, we started at 9am and never ended earlier than 8pm except for the last day since it was a public holiday for our Hong Kong colleagues. It was a tough week, long hours, lots of heated discussion and even a shouting session. It wasn’t fun at all. Luckily, the shopping kind of make up for it.

My shopping partner, Mom2Ashley.
Shopping Partner

I’m still recuperating from the mental and physical exhaustion from the trip. Ha. Anyway.. here are some of the photos captured during the non working hours.

Upon arrival, Mom2Ashley and I headed for the nearest restaurant for a bowl of wonton mee. It’s just the size of a rice bowl, and cost HK$26 (RM11) for it.
Smallest Wonton mee I'd even eaten

This is our only lunch the whole team had togather at the same table. Hosted by our Hong Kong colleagues.
Our welcome lunch.

Tuesday dinner was Vietnamese, in a very nice setting.
Vietnamese Dinner

While in Hong Kong, you should not miss the famous Yee Shun milk custard (義順雙皮燉奶), I ordered the one with red bean.
Yee Shun Famous milk custard with red bean (義順红豆雙皮燉奶)

Had the worst lunch in this Macau Char-Chan-Teng. I ordered Portugese curry chicken, yucks! The white chocolate coffee was good though.
Worst Lunch ever

The most expensive dinner was in this Teow Chew Restaurant. HK$1500 (RM630) for the below dishes for 4 (one vege dish is missing from the below collage), expensive!!
Expensive Teow Chew Dinner

This is the exterior of the Teow Chew Restaurant.
The display at the Teow Chew Restaurant

Last breakfast with Mom2Ashley before she left. The stew duck was rather tasteless. The fish skin that can be ordered separately is my all time favourite.
Worst Breakfast ever

My last lunch – Roast Goose noodle and La Fermiere yogurt (best yogurt in the world! Too bad only found this on my last day, or else I’ll be having this for breakfast daily, and won’t be having the coackroach porridge)
My last lunch

My ex-classmate treated me to lobster dinner on my last night in Hong Kong. It was yummy! Lobster with Bee Hoon (米粉/rice vermicelli).
Lobster Fried Bee Hoon

My ex-classmate brought me to those neighbourhood shop, I ordered porridge (can’t have enough of them) and cha-liong (炸两), which is not available in Malaysia. Yiu-tiao (油条 or fried dough) wrapped with Che-cheong-fun (rice roll). Quite delicious.
Cha-liong (炸两)

Whatever time that’s left after dinner, we spent walking about the streets in Hong Kong. Around Causeway Bay, and Women Street (女人街) at Kowloon.
Hong Kong Streets at night

Since we stayed in Causeway Bay, spent our last day shopping in Time Square.
Time Square

Fruit market at Causeway Bay, and fish market near Sai Wan (西环). Most seafood sold is alive and swimming.
Hong Kong Market

Around Central, IFC Mall.
Around Central

When you are in Hong Kong, you should try to go on the ferry ride to and fro Kowloon and Hong Kong island. It’s a cheap way to see this great view (I think it was HK$1.20 per ride).
Ferry to and fro Kowloon and Hong Kong

View of Hong Kong side from ferry.
View of Hong Kong from Ferry

View of Kowloon side from ferry.
View of Kowloon from Ferry

My ex-classmate’s appartment in Pok Fu Lam (薄扶林) has this killer view!
View From My friend's 48th floor appartment

♥Strange Sights♥
Girls dressed up as angels hired to stand and block the exit of the building, so that people are forced to walk through the rest of the shops in the building.
Angels in Causeway Bay

Spotted a car decorated with Sanrio characters.
Sanrio Fan

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