Bye Bye Our Companion

January 14, 2008 at 1:59 pm

Tuyam and Zara

After 8years of working with us, Tuyam finally decided to go home for good, to get married and start a family.

She may not be the most efficient or productive maid, but we’re used to each other. She cooks well, we trusted her, and Zara was in her care since day 1 (this was when Tuyam picked up most of her English). I vent my frustration to her about Daddy, In-laws and sometimes work (whether or not she understood or able to fully comprehend me, she listened).

Yesterday, we drove her to the airport and bid her farewell. Only my Filipino maid, Jelly, was in tears, Tuyam has been her companion since she started working with us in March 2007.

All of us have been preparing Zara for Tuyam’s departure, but I think she didn’t know that this time her kakak wasn’t coming back anymore (unlike previous years where Tuyam went home for holidays and came back). Zara has been saying things like, “I’m going to lock all the doors, so kakak cannot go home.” or “Kakak go back Indonesia, buy me mangos and princess bajus (Malay : clothes) when you come back ok?”

Last night before sleeping, Zara told me, “Mummy I want kakak.” When I told her kakak has already gone, she replied, “I’m going to take a rope and catch the aeroplane. Then I’m going swing the aeroplane so everybody will get dizzy and the plane cannot fly any more. I’ll bring kakak home!” She then came back to reality and said, “We’ll go Indonesia for holiday and visit kakak when kakak get married. Or kakak will come for holidays, right?” That’s what Daddy had agreed, we’ll visit Tuyam sometime this year in Indonesia, or she can always stay with us when she comes to Malaysia for holiday.

Even Zaria is missing Tuyam, this morning she woke up and started calling out, “Kakak.. kakak…”

Bye bye Tuyam, you may not be the best maid but you’d been our companion and we will all miss you.

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