Looking at Zaria Watching TV

December 7, 2007 at 11:35 pm

I love watching Zaria’s expression when she’s watching TV.

Look at Zaria, all geared for the show, even before the show began she was already signing ‘more’.
Zaria signing more

The show began, the animals were appearing, Zaria was getting real serious.
Very serious

The cows went Mooooo, look at Zaria attempting to do moooo.

Watch Zaria signing bath (again, her own version but not the ASL standard) as the pigs were bathing now.
The bathing scene

More animals were coming out, Zaria was getting really excited.
The geram look

The show was about to end. She’s probably asking, “Where are the animals?”

The last scene where all the animal puppets appeared for the last time. Watch her go “THERE……”

Finally, when the show has ended, she wanted me to play it again. “I want more!”
MORE in exclamation!

I love to see these expressions. While Zaria is watching Baby Einstein – Baby McDonald, I’ll be watching her. 🙂

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