My Girl is Almost 3

November 19, 2007 at 12:57 pm

The birthday party preperation started quite a while back, thinking whom to invite, what food to serve (cook? cater? fast food?), what cake to order, what should be included in the party pack, and how to accomodate all the people in our small house.

Last Friday, I woke up at 6am from Stress!
I got changed, and went to the wet market to buy some of the ingredients still missing from the dishes that we’ll be cooking for Zara’s birthday celebration.

We had about 40 guests. 12 kids, and 28 adults, mainly family and the neighbours whom Zara has been playing with. The party was last Saturday, 4 days before her actual birthday.

The preparation (chopping, peeling, seasoning etc), cooking and baking started on Friday. I did those that do not required time at the stove, e.g. cup cakes, coleslaw, grilled chick wings, garlic bread. Tuyam cooked the curry, fried chick wings, fried noodle and rice. We bought some Char Siew (Chinese : BBQ Pork) and Pizzas last minute, worried that there may be not enough food.

Cup Cakes and Party Packs

Heaps of cupcake baked. Items in Party Packs meant for majority of the kids (babies and older kids have different items) bought from Shanghai 

I baked, cooked, decorated the house, coordinated the re-arranging of the furniture, packing the party packs, confirming with guests if they are coming, etc etc. On Saturday, what did Daddy do huh? He was reading newspaper, when I was working hard at the kitchen and at the same time trying to entertained the girls. He stopped only when I gave him the icy cold stare, and told him to get some baloons blown up. He got the cheek to complain our pump is not the right pump!! Then when I nagged him, he said if I was so stressed out, I shouldn’t throw any more birthay parties at home! Grrrrrr! To give him some credit, he did the last minute shopping and picked up the cake and the pizzas. Oh, and he paid for most of the things.

We had way too much food when every thing was placed on the table (so buzy running around, didn’t even have time to take photos of the food), and lots of left over after that.

When the guests started arriving, we could feel the house was really crammed. We didn’t have enough chairs, so pepole have to sit on the floor.

All the younger girls were admiring Zara’s cake, ordered from A Piece of Cake, just like last year, but this year’s theme is Princess!!!
Zara's birthday cake

The Birthday Girl

Zara and her friends in the neighbourhood

Zara and her friends from the neighbourhood

Candle blowing

Zara and her favourite cousin, Sam (with Zaria looking a bit lost); Zara & Zaria with cousins; Zara making sure I didn’t burn the cake; Zara blowing her birthday candles

After cake cutting, it was game time. I got my two older niece and newphew, Ally and Nick, to organise the games and they did really well. With the help of Sam and Norman, the younger kids have a blast!!

Friends and Family

Kids having a blast

I must really thank Nick, Norman, Ally and Sam for helping with the kiddos, and making sure they have a great time!

Zara and Zaria with cousins

Here’s one for the family album

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