Understanding Sun Protection this Summer

July 2, 2013 at 12:49 pm

There’s nothing more important to consider as part of your stint this summer, than sun protection. What’s the point in booking Neilson active holidays to spend time outdoors if you don’t protect your skin and end up spending the duration of your so-called holiday laying in a tepid bath suffering from heatstroke?

Let’s not forget the long term damage that you could be causing to your skin if you choose not to protect yourself. Even when there’s considerable cloud cover in the sky, you still run the risk of burning which will just put a dampener on your vacation. Being sensible abroad doesn’t mean being boring. Brush up on your sun protection knowledge and take the necessary steps to keeping you and your family safe, this summer.

A bottle of suncream is an absolute essential addition to your suitcase. If you’re travelling with children, specific child-friendly creams that provide higher SPF are also recommended. Make sure you take into account any sensitivity that may exist – children are particularly susceptible to skin sensitivity and may suffer from prickly heat if certain creams are used. Test the lotion on a smaller area prior to your holiday, just in case.

Pack sunhats and sleeved tops to protect the head and shoulders from the heat. Cover up when in the sun and retreat to the shade when it’s at its highest (i.e. during the mid-afternoon).Apply suncream 15minutes before you head outside and reapply at regular intervals (typically every two hours), particularly when you’ve been in the pool or have taken part in any of the watersports activities on offer.

Encourage children to take an active role in learning the importance of sun protection. Teach them how to apply it and what parts of the body are commonly missed (such as the ears, knees and feet).
Sun protection is vital and will help to prevent against skin cancers in later life. Enjoy Neilson active holidays this summer, safely.

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