To Langkawi We Braved

October 5, 2007 at 10:25 pm

Thanks to Chanel, many months ago, I booked the tickets to Langkawi when MAS had their RM1 promo. For 4 of us, it was ~RM300 return. Cheap cheap.

Then many years ago, when we were sipping tea in The Datai with my Greek friends, my friend’s hubby vowed to his wife, “If you gave me a daugther next year, I’ll bring you back here, and this time we’ll be staying and not just sipping tea.” Daddy, not loosing out, said the same to me. In deed, we have Zara the following year, so it’s time for Daddy to fulfill his promise. But Datai is so expensive, how to make him pay? So we compromised.

We left the maids at home, and headed to Langkawi, with an active toddler and a beginning-to-be-mobile baby. Brave huh?

We got our car from the airport, a Honda City, 4D/3N for RM240. I just love travelling off peak.

Our 1st stop upon arriving Langkawi was Bon Ton, can you beat it? Nasi Goreng for RM36? Laksa for RM28? .. but we have to say, the environment was nice, although the tables and chairs can do with some cleaning (cat fur and dust everywhere!).

Bon Ton

Girls in Bon Ton, padi fields and cow dung just a stone throw away

A close friend sold us her Berjaya room stay for RM50/night. We were supposed to get a Superior room, but when the reception saw Zara batting her eyes we came in a family, she upgraded us to Deluxe, which comes with a day bed, and a king bed.

The Beach around Berjaya is nice and clean, with a few shallow pools where Zara could play in. My only complain is, the property is huge! For you to get to the main hall where everything is, you have to call for a buggy to bring you there. Zara loved it though, she said it’s like a roller coaster ride, since the challets are all located on hilly terrain, the rides to the main hall is very bumpy.

This is Zaria’s first time playing at the beach. She was a wee bit afraid of the waves, but happy to be able to play with sand, and even eat some.
The sand is clean, and yummy too!

Zara just loves the sea! Even under the scorching sun, she refused to get under the shade. Thank goodness Daddy didn’t mind the sun, so he followed everywhere she went.
Sun and Sea - My favourite

Nobody should leave Langkawi without going on the cable car ride, more so if you stay in Berjaya, because it’s just a 2min drive away.
Cable Car

Top right pix : The track which is suspended and linked from station 1, unfortunately is closed.

We drove to Kuah town on the 2nd night, kitchen wear and chocolates were so cheap, not forgetting alchohol too. We just bought some Swiss Cadbury that’s all (I can imagine Shopping Amah grabbing everything from Kuah, and maybe even some Kleenix if she were in Langkawi).

Eating in Langkawi is expensive, even out of the hotel. I wonder if people knew we’re not local, so they really cut our throats. Mantis prawns at a road side restaurant (not beach front or posh) ~ RM60 for 2? We also bought bread and buns from Tun’s bakery, The Loaf, ~RM15 for a raisin loaf, ~RM6 for a savoury bun. Bread is of high quality, but price is a bit steep I think.

To be continued here.

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