Clubbing in Faliraki: The Lowdown

April 17, 2013 at 4:37 pm

It’s loud, it’s proud, it’s Rhodes’ answer to the craziest of clubbing destinations, it’s Faliraki.

Faliraki is the Nicki Minaj of the party rocking world stage. There’s no time for anything a little bit low key. Faliraki is unapologetic, its events are epic, and the weather is just another lovely little perk.

Whenever you travel from May onwards, Rhodes is gonna ensure that you’re bathing on the blue flag Faliraki beach in 30 degree C heats. Thanks to its nifty location on the cusp of the Med and the Aegean Sea, the east coast of the island is absolutely scorching.

And when we say hot, we’re talking FHM and Cosmo Top 10 hot – pack your beach binoculars.
Whether you’re a 24/7 party person, or you prefer to chill in the day in preparation for some massively messy nights on the town, Faliraki is happy to oblige.

Right through from Monday to Sunday, there’s a real weekend vibe in the air in Faliraki. The feel good factor is brimming from the beach to the bars, and everyone’s around for the same reason – to let their hair down and do Faliraki like the sun ain’t gonna rise.

UV and Foam parties, silent arenas, and skool discos – book with a reputable clubbing holiday company and you are in for some seriously sensational shenanigans.

Get on board with the reps and be guided round not one, but two strips. Just in case, you know, one wasn’t enough. Bars such as KGB, Climax and Tropical are where debauchery goes down.

You’ve not done mentally messy until you’ve done Faliraki. It might be the liveliest and loudest of the Euro clubbing scenes, but that’s why we love it, and it’s also why thousands of diehard disco freaks flock back year after year.

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