Top Tips for Grabbing a Last Minute Deal

February 27, 2013 at 11:09 pm

In the cruise industry, ‘last minute’ generally refers to snapping up a deal for a departing cruise that
sets sail between several days and a couple of months in the future, giving excited adventurers the
element of spontaneity and the chance to head out onto the ocean waves without so much as a
second thought.

With the magic of the Internet providing a plethora of offers, including the luxurious decks of Grandeur
of the Seas
and many other Royal Caribbean cruises, at your fingertips, 2013 is a perfect time to be a
little spontanious and go for it.

Last Minute

Keep an eye out for sailings heading out to sea between 60 and 90 days in the future, because this is
usually the timeframe that passengers having already booked, can cancel without charges.

Be aware that chances of a peak time last minute deal at rock-bottom prices is fairly unheard of. Be
prepared to sail out of season to realise the best possible savings. There’s no need to worry about a
less than perfect trip as out of season for some destinations can still mean a fantastic climate and jam
packed itineraries – just do some research online.

Repositioning Cruises

Look out for repositioning cruises which can sometimes offer some fantastic bargains because of their
very nature. These can often mean a longer sail, sometimes across whole oceans, to get to their new
homeports. Weigh the cost of the ticket up against the airfare home and you could walk away with a
superb deal.

Accomodation Flexibility

Be as flexible as you can. You may not be able to get a premium cabin type on a cheap, last minute
deal, but should weigh up the discounts on offer for the less desirable accommodation – inside berths
or obstructed views for example. Read the small print fof every offer you see, so that you know
exactly what to expect and are aware of any hidden charges that may exist.

Most of all, be spontaneous and you could have the experience of a lifetime for less with a Royal
Caribbean cruise.

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