Gadgets and TV Free Childhood

January 23, 2013 at 10:41 pm

Like all children, the girls love to watch TV (we have no Astro, so they can only watch DVDs which we purchased for them), and also play games on the iPad.

Like a tiger mom, I only allow them to watch TV or have a 20~30min go on iPad when they have done what I’d assigned them to do for the day. It can be writing their journal or doing worksheets, depending. And if they have misbehaved, for example, fighting over who goes first on the iPad, then they’ll be grounded; and they will have to go without iPad or TV for a day/a week (depending on the severity of what they’d done).

On no gadgets and TV days, the girls will come out with all kinds of activities to keep themselves occupied; and of course having a sister each means they can still have a blast. Here are some moments of them doing things together on such days.

Reading a comic together.Girls reading a comic together

Playing word games. They try to create as many words as possible using only the letters of a word (elephant, for example)Girls playing word game

Climbing door frame. I was told, if a kid has done this, it means they have had an awesome child hood!Zara climbing door frame

Zaria climbing door frame

Pretending they were super heros, and designing their own super costumes and weapons.Girls designing superhero costumes

Building a tent in the room and campingGirls built tent in room

Playing limbo rock using a stick they found in the house.Girls doing limbo rock

At times, no games are required, they just chi-chat.Girls chichatting


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