September 11, 2005 at 11:22 pm

There’s a funfair/fairground going on in Shah Alam stadium. We missed it last week, so we thought we will bring Zara there in the evening.

The place was packed, from a far, the lights on the gigantic rides flashing. If Zara wasn’t fascinated with the lights (she was looking at them even from the car) I would have asked Daddy to bring us home.

We were charged RM2 per person to enter the funfair. It was one of those funfair, where they put up a few thrill rides (brightly lit up) and lots of (con)games booth with cheap prizes (mainly dusty soft toys). It drew quite a big crowd though, even with the deafening techno music blasting away. One of those places we wouldn’t have gone, if it wasn’t for Zara.

Zara was basically attracted by the lights, the children, and the soft toys hanging from those game booth. We pointed out the soft toys to her, the tall Farrell’s Wheel, the bumper car ride. Then we brought her to the children section where they have spin around cars, and carousel.

The carousel ride was drawing a lot of children (and parents). We were one of them. I paid RM4, and took Zara with me on one of the horse. When the music started, our horse went up & down and around. She was quite indifferent riding on the horse, neither showing any fear, nor excitement.

Right after the ride, with nothing more interesting to see, we left the fair. She was so tired she fell asleep in the sling while we were walking back to the car. That explained why she didn’t feel too excited when we were on the carousel, she must have been too sleepy to enjoy it.

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