What to Prepare For Standard One Round 2

December 14, 2012 at 10:14 pm

Last year, I wrote this post on What To Prepare For Standard One. This year, I have one to prepare myself, as Zaria will be in Standard One next year.

Using the experience I have with Zara, this is what I’d prepare for Zaria.

3 Sets Of School Uniforms.
I preferred Kamdar‘s uniform, as it’s cheap, and the colour is quite durable. However, this year, they started not selling uniforms in their branches (that’s located IOI Mall, Mid Valley Mega Mall) but only sold in their Jalan TAR shop.

So I bought Kiko instead, 3 sets for each of them. Why Kiko? And not Changgih? Changgih is slightly cheaper, but when I lifted up the fabric and looked through it against light, I saw that the cloth was not weaved evenly, i.e. some of the weaving was very close together, some part of the fabric the weaving was farther apart.

Moreover, Kiko has smaller size that fits Zaria.

As for the white blouse, we’d tried a couple of brand, and find Kiko brand has a nicer fit.

2 Pairs Of School Shoes to interchange.
Like Zara, I only bought 2 pairs of shoes for Zaria to interchange. Their feet grow very fast, and the shoes get worn very quickly as well. A pair would probably last a couple of months before I need to change again.

We went for Bata, just because we grew up wearing Bata too.
Bata School shoes

Under Protection Or Under Layer
As mentioned in my previous post, the girls will be wearing under protection under their pinafore. So we bought cheap tights from FOS, which we’ll alter and shorten so that they can wear as ‘under protection’.

Tights as Under Protection
Unrelated to going back to school, we stock up on white panties, which Parkson sells as part of the Going Back To School promo (RM8.90 for 3). I don’t know about you, but I have problem finding reasonably priced white panties for children their age.

Water bottle, Food Container
Zaria is more absent minded than Zara, so we’re not getting any new ones, but she’ll be using the ones she used in kindergarten.

We’d already bought her a set of colour pencils, new sharpener, 2B pencils (mechanical pencil I find is not suitable for Standard One), pencil case, colour pencil case (bought pouches with zips).

School Bag.
Now what is pending is her school bag. We’ll be getting her a SWAN trolley school bag just like Zara’s (which Zara will be using for another year).

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