Interactive Play – Barbie Hairtistic Cut & Style

October 15, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Tell me which little girl does not like to be a hair dresser??

Barbie Hairtistic Cut & Style fulfill this love that little girls have.

Zara : Maa, we need adult’s help with this Barbie. It’s not easy for us to put the hair extension on.
Putting on hair extension
Playing with this Barbie will require us to participate. Helping the girls to put in the hair extension.

Zara has been trying to learn how to pleat hair, what better way to do this and learn with this Barbie?
Pleating Barbie's hair

After pleating (with some of my help), it can be worn as a braid.
Braiding the hair

Or Barbie looks just as dashing with her hair all let down.
Barbie's long flowy hair

What the girls like most about the Barbie? The scissors which actually make sounds like a real hair dresser’s scissors snipping hair.
Cutting Barbie's hair
Zara was pretending to cut Barbie’s hair, and then remove the hair extension, which mean, Barbie’s hair length actually got shortened!

The set comes with some accessories for the hair.
Barbie's hair comb

Barbie's hair band

It gives the girls a chance to be a hair stylist and they love it!

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