Interactive Play – Barbie Fashion Combo Holiday

August 11, 2012 at 11:55 am

Check out how the girls play with their Barbie Fashion Combo Holiday set.

They spent time checking out what came with the box. Deciding who should go first.
Barbie Fashion Combo Holiday

Zaria being the youngest, got to change Barbie’s clothes first (see the smile on her face for getting to go first).
Zaria changing Barbie's clothes

Some of the clothes are a little challenging for the 5 1/2 to put on for Barbie, so Zara took over.
Zara changing Barbie's clothes

Zara : Maa, do you like Barbie in this?
Me : It’s one of my favourite.
Zara with Barbie

Zaria: Jie, you need to put on a pair of shoes for Barbie (tried to put it on, but struggled)
Zaria wearing shoes for Barbie

Zara : (help out) Maybe we try this pair instead
Zara helping Zaria with Barbie's shoes


Zaria the fashion diva at home said Barbie needed to have a bag.
Zaria choosing Barbie's bag


Then it was fashion show time. Barbie wearing all the beautiful clothes from Barbie Fashion Combo Holiday set.
Barbie fashion show

Barbie fashion show

Barbie fashion show

Barbie fashion show

Zara : All the clothes have to be back on the mannequin after the fashion show ma.
Zara putting the clothes on mannequin

Zara : There ma.
Zara and mannequin


And then, Zaria decided Barbie should be robbed. o.O”
Zaria robbing Barbie

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