New Toy New Skill

September 3, 2005 at 6:45 pm

Last week I bought her Tiny Love’s Musical Stack & Play™.

Initially, I played with her by puting the rings on our head and doing a jig (I did, she just watched), telling her, “look at mummy’s funny hat”, and then tell her she has one too. She would reach for it, and then take the ring down.

Today, I try to teach her to drop the ball into the Elephant Head (a funnel attached to the top opening of the cone). After a few try, with me demonstrating to her, and guiding her hand with the ball, she managed to drop it. She smiled when she heard the cheearing and music the cone made when the ball touched its base. She did that a few more times successfully.

I thought I would remove the Elephant Head, and try to get her to drop it directly to the top opening of the cone. I just told her “Take the ball and put it in (pointing to the opening)”, and she did it without having to demonstrate to her.

She was very happy, and continued to do a few more times. A few times, she actually looked very serious trying to get it right. When she managed to drop it, besides hearing the cheering and the music from the cone, I too cheered and clapped for her. Making her more eager to repeat.

This is a new skill she’d learnt, dropping things through a small opening. While doing this, she also started being able to ‘give’ me things. I used to have to pry open her hand to take some thing from her or have a tug of war with her. When I demonstrated to her how to drop the ball, I asked her to ‘give mummy the ball’, pointing to the ball she’s holding. After a few rounds, she actually placed the ball in my hands.

I must say this toy is worth the investment, and we haven’t even started on the stacking rings yet.

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