When Did You Last Kiss Your Parents?

June 11, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Out of the blue, Zaria asked, “How come you don’t kiss your parents anymore?”

Can you remember last kissing your parents? I don’t think I’d ever done it? My dad although a little better than my in-laws who totally don’t do physical contact, would limit his affection to holding hands, patting the girls head, putting his arms around the girls when they share a joke or secret.

So I explained our parents come from an older time, where showing affection through kissing is not common. “Long long time ago, parents kissing children in Chinese family is not common. That’s why we don’t kiss our parents, and show our love in different ways.”

Zara asked cheekily, “So you were from prehistoric time?”

Zaria added on, “So it was Mommy and Daddy B.C.?” o.O”

I asked, “Do you know what is B.C.?”

Zaria replied, “That means one hundred million years ago!” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So, can you remember the last time you kiss your parents?

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