Malaysia Top News in April : Bersih 3.0 Rally and Nayati Moodliar’s Abduction

May 7, 2012 at 5:46 pm

2 biggest news that hit the nation a week ago which affected us Malaysians :
1) Bersih 3.0 Rally
2) Nayati Moodliar’s missing

I was planning to go the Bersih 3.0 Rally. Daddy who didn’t want to go was ‘supportive’ of me going, but with a warning, “If you get locked up, just don’t expect me to bail you out ok?”
The girls, especially Zara, asked me what a rally is. Explaining to them in the simplest form, i.e. protesting, gaining support for something they believe in is a rally. Giving them an example such as if they didn’t like their parents forcing them to eat vege, and they know vege is not good for them, they can do a rally in the house. Carrying cards, “NO MORE VEGE”, and shout slogans to get other children to support their course and try to influence and change us.
Zaria, half understanding half not, said, “I want to go to Bersih, because I want to get clean!”
Zara, getting some ideas some of the things that can happen during a rally, told me, “If you are going, just come home safe ok?”

I didn’t go eventually. Because I didn’t have a gang of friends who’s going, I’m too afraid of heat, and a rally at 2pm? I may faint under the sun in the crowd. I’m too chicken.

But I was touched and moved. By how so many Malaysians were driven to join in the rally for a better Malaysia; how a rally of this size could be organised without any of our government controlled TV/newspaper/radio providing any coverage/lobbying. This is People’s Power.

Bersih 3.0 Rally - Siting firmcredit : Facebook News

I’m still catching up on the Berish 3.0 stories and photos as I’d been down with food poisoning which lasted for a week. One of the photos that I like best is this by Hugo Teng

Bersih 3.0 Rally - Siting firm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The other news that affected nationwide and wordwide is Nayati Moodliar’s abduction, near his school early morning on 27th April.

If a 12year old boy can’t even walk to his school a few minutes away from his home along a busy road, how should I ensure my children’s safety in this city? How protected should I be of them? These were all crossing my mind.

I was checking (a lot of us were doing this world wide) the facebook page that was set up for him frequently for updates; worrying for him, feeling the pain and anxiety that the family must be experiencing; no parents should have to go through what his parents have gone through.

May 3rd, 6 days later, Nayati got home. What a wonderful news to know that he’s returned home safely without any harm.

Here is a video of him taken a few days after he got home.

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