Hello and Finally a name.

January 9, 2007 at 1:30 am

Since we have 2 daugthers now, I shall start a new blog for the 2 of them instead of using the previous one meant for Zara. It’s about time too, since Blogger is giving me much problem these days especially with photos loading.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We have finally being forced to decide decided on mei-mei’s name since the 14days time limit is almost up.

We were undecided between Zonya and Zaria. Daddy likes Zaria very much, but I was a bit worried with the use of this name since the pronunciation is very close to Zara. We may call for one of them, and they may not know whom we were addressing. I let Daddy make the decision since I made the call for mei-mei’s Chinese name.  He was still calling me from the registra this morning to confirm the name, see how undecided we were?

She will be called Zaria. It has the same meaning as Zara, both meaning princess, and both are current European princesses’ names, i.e. Princess Zara Phillips (daugther of Princess Anne) from Great Britain and Countess Zaria from Netherlands.

So here is a new blog for our 2 girls aka princesses, Zara and Zaria

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