Pregnancy Update – Baby coming soon?

December 12, 2006 at 8:43 am

My stomach is extremely huge, I have slightly more than 3 more weeks to go.

Resting is no longer possible. Laying on the right or left no longer feel comfortable. Sitting hurt my back. Standing tires my calves. I wake up middle of the night with eyes wide opened, trying hard to go back to sleep.

Baby is still active although with not much space for movement, we can see the tremors she creates when she moves, skin stretching before our eyes.

I’d sorted out all the necessities for the arrival of the baby :
1) ordered my confinement herbs and herbal wine from my Chinese Dr.
2) confirmed with friend’s mum who will be supplying me with home brewed rice wine.
3) signed up with Stemlife for baby’s cord blood banking
4) bought a few new pieces of clothing to welcome baby’s arrival (the rest will be wearing her jie-jie’s clothes)
5) checked that we have enough bottles/milk storage bag to store breast milk if I need to pump out
6) bought new Dr Brown bottles for her during occasions where I cannot breast feed directly
7) rearranged the furniture in the room to accommodate the cot (Daddy has yet to raise the cot and fixed its railing)

And yesterday, I’d even packed my bag for my hospital stay. So now, I’m just waiting for baby’s arrival.

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

On the other hand, Zara has been bugging us to bring her to the beach, to Morib, to Penang, to Cowboy Town. We had to explain to her I’m too big to be traveling now, and we have to wait for Mei-Mei’s (Chinese : Little sister) arrival before we can travel again.

So over the weekend, besides bringing her to the mall, we let her play in her wading pool. She was very very happy, since her last dip was actually in Phuket, quite a while back.

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