Take Note Of The Sugar Level In Your Kids’ Growing Up Milk

April 28, 2011 at 12:23 pm

Have you tried your children’s growing up milk? Are you like me who find growing up milk excessively sweet?

Recently, I saw in a message at the supermarket that we could be feeding our children up 13tsp of added sugar with their current growing up milk. So I picked up a sugar calculator, follow the instructions on it to cross check if is true.

The girls so far have taken 2 brands of growing up milk. First brand indicated I might be feeding 8~12tsp of additional sugar to my children, and another indicated I might be feeding 13~17tsp of additional sugar to my children! Shocking?

And here I am trying to control the girls’ excessive sugar intake (which I wrote about in an earlier post)

I have tasted the girls’ growing up milk before, and I thought it is too sweet. I thought it must have been intentionally sweetened so that it’ll be tasty enough to appeal to young children. However my girls like fresh milk too. Without the added sugar, they still love the creamy and milky taste (per how they describe it). I’m still letting them drink growing up milk though, because I want them to get all the added vitamins they’d included in growing up milk.

However, with this new information, I will try to find children growing up milk with no added sugars, or with less added sugar.

Read the label next time you pick up a tin or pack of growing up milk. Even though you can’t see all these common names of added sugar (i.e. corn syrup solid, sucrose & glucose syrup solid), check the Carbohydrate level with the sugar calculator. Use the sugar calculator to find out how much sugar you’ll be feeding your children additionally with the growing up milk you are about to purchase. I’m definitely going to do that.

The girls' growing up milk 1

The girls' growing up milk 2

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