3D scan

September 13, 2006 at 12:20 pm

We went for a 3D scan last Thursday, and we brought along Zara, thinking it would be good for her to look at the baby as well.

Our Doctor did the scan himself together with a sonographer, and we spent more than an hour doing this.

Zara was very chatty throughout, but also got restless after 2mins.
“Doctor put oil on mummy’s stomach
“Doctor check check mummy. Check check baby”
After a while, “Mummy carry”
She wanted to climb up the bed I was lying on, and then said this herself, “This is not the play ground, this is hopital (hospital) bed. Cannot crimb (climb) up.”
After a few bored moments, “*pointing to the door* Daddy go there!”
When she saw a glimpse of the baby, “There, baby there on the compiter (computer)”
And most of the time, she kept wanting to get out, “Open the door. Zara want go out!” “Open the door!” “Daddy, please, open the door please.”
When nobody responded, she started banging on the door, and tried to open it herself, making lots of noise. That was when I told her I’m very upset. “Sorry mummy. Sorry.”
“Zara cannot talk loud loud, must talk soft soft like doctor.”

When we’re done, she was so glad to say, “Thank you very much! Bye bye, See You” to the Doctor and the sonographer. Ah, I should have brought her some books to keep her occupied.

Back to the baby, every thing is ok. Throughout 1hr+ scan, she was moving nonstop. One moment she hid behind her hands, next moment, she hid behind the placenta, another moment she lifted up her legs and covered her face, and then did some kicking motion. She was always on the move. See, if I didn’t know she’s a girl, I would have thought she’s a boy again, based on her activeness. Dr was having a tough time trying to capture a perfect shot of her face.

However, we did manage to see she has the same skull shape as Zara, she has rather big and slim feet, she has the same button nose like Zara; daddy said, “Don’t all babies look like this?”, oh well, maybe they do. Most important thing is she’s doing well.

Here’s a shot of her, the best I could get from the video clips that were given to me from the scan. Daddy said the scan looks like abstract art. Doctor said he’s not satisfied with the machine, not giving him crisp enough image. (The 2 ‘hook’ like thing next to her face are her hands.)

As for me, I’m doing fine, big, but fine. Into my 23rd week (coming to 6months), have put on ~6Kg, feel like I’m 8months pregnant, always tired, always hungry.

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