Raptor Watch 2011

April 6, 2011 at 3:43 pm

“Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) hosted the 12th Raptor Watch event at PNB Ilham Resort, 10th Mile Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson on the 12th and 13th March 2011.”
It is a festival to celebrate the return of the migratory birds of prey or better known as raptors on their journey back to their breeding grounds in the northern hemisphere.

Thanks to Daddy (who likes this sort of outing), we are glad we joined in the fun, on 13th March, the Sunday the school holidays began.

Raptor Watch

MNS Flag

The grounds in Ilham Resort has been set up with tents, with different companies either selling goods, or promoting their club. Monoculars and binoculars were at various booths where we can use to watch the raptors when they flew passed.

Zara watching on monocular

Zara watching on monocular

They were for all to use, and free!
Girl watching on monocular

We were actually a bit afraid the girls may break the thousands of dollars binoculars, but nobody seemed to be as worried as us.

Girls using binoculars

Girls using binoculars

Girls using binoculars

It’s not a guarentee that you may get to watch the raptors, but we were lucky, they were circlying above when we arrived, and appeared again later in the evening.

Raptors (That’s what our camera could take. Well, Daddy thinks he should get a zoom lens for these kind of shot.)

When the raptors appear, the real bird watchers whipped out their own equipment.
Bird watcher

There were face/body painting as well, all contribution will go to MNS. Of course, we all, except Daddy, went for it.
Girl having her face paintedIsn’t the owl cute?

Hand Painter working

Me getting painted

Me getting painted

The event being held next to the sea, the girls were so eager to move on and play at the beach. It was 3pm, HOT! But nothing is going to deter them.
Applying sunblock

Going to the beach

It was low tide, very suitable for the girls to splash about (we were not really prepared for the trip, it was kind of impromptu, that’s why the girls didn’t get changed into swimming costumes).


Zaria seemed to like getting dirty wet.
Happy Zaria!

Mud socks

There were crabs to be found as well.
Crab digging


Besides the beach, we explored a near by hill, with a 20min climb, got us to the lighthouse in Tanjung Tuan.
Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse

View from the hill.
Tanjung Tuan

Although it was a hot day, we all had fun! This might just become our yearly event.

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