Lazy – These few days

August 29, 2006 at 6:36 pm

I’m getting so lazy… or maybe I should say tired.
Lots of work to do, and these 2 days, I have gone to the office to work and sent Zara and Tuyam to my sister’s place.

Zara had a good weekend.
On Saturday at 8am, she woke Daddy up, “Daddy wake up! Zara want go pet shop.”
When we asked her what she wanted to do in the pet shop, she said, “See iguana, dog dog, cat cat, rabbit, mouse”.
So Daddy oblidged, and I told him his daugther has more persuasive power than me. I could never drag him out of bed like that.

On Sunday morning, when we stepped out of the house for a walk, we met Zara’s friend Chloe and her mum walking passed our gate also taking a walk.
Chloe is 9mths older than Zara, and we always see her in the park. Chloe’s mum is also pregnant like me, so we have lots of things to share, about our daugthers, about our pregnancies.
So we went walking together, 2 pregnant ladies with 2 toddlers.
After our walk, Chloe invited Zara to her house to play. Zara had a good time there, this is her first visit to a friend’s house. She wasn’t shy at all, digging out Chloe’s toys from her toy box without prompting, playing the slide, jumping on the sofa like it’s her own home.
I should invite Chloe over next time but I wonder if Zara will so willingly sharing her toys.

Yesterday when I went to pick Zara up from my sis’ place, she told me, “Zara happy. Got kor kor (referring to my nephews) play with Zara.”

She must be so lonely always stuck at home with mummy and Tuyam all the time.

And for me, after getting home from my sister’s place, I just feel like sleeping and do nothing.. So I went to bed with Zara at 10pm. Zzzzzzz.

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