Zaria’s Drawing

March 9, 2010 at 5:20 pm

I was meant to post this earlier, but so busy with so many things.

I think Zaria is very much influenced by Zara, because Zara draws a lot, Zaria too likes to join in and does her drawing, and I think she’s quite good for her age. I like it especially when she adds a story to her drawing, explaining what she’s drawing.

These were done by Zaria a month ago.
She said, “This is a princess with her beautiful bed. See the crown or not?”

“And then the wicked witch casting a spell, and the magic is zig zag zig zag coming out of the wand.”

And then during Chinese New Year, she started writing her name and adding ‘faces’ to it. Nobody actually taught her how to do it. o.O”
Zaria's SignatureIt’s become kind of like her signature.

She’s growing up so fast. And I’m enjoying her cute drawings and her cheeky conversations very much these days.

The little artist (the ‘crystal’ on her chest is a sticker ‘pendant’ Zara gave to Zaria. Since Zaria doesn’t have a necklace yet)Zaria

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