My Little Entertainer

January 4, 2010 at 11:37 pm

I have a little machine at home. She switched to different machines according to her mood.
Some day she says she’s a toaster, and she says, “So I want to eat chemical bread*.” or when it’s bath time, “Toaster no need to take bath.”

Sometimes she’s just a machine. And when it’s time to brush teeth, she says, “I’m a machine. You must touch the right button, then my mouth will open.”
We have to pretend to touch something on her face/head, “Dee-Deet. I touch the open mouth button already. Can you open your mouth now?”
If the game ended here, she would open her mouth, if not, she’ll close her mouth even tighter then says, “You touched the wrong button, so now you must touch the righ one, after that I open my mouth.”

♥Mispronuncing words♥
Love the way she mispronounced certain words. I.e. Olivia, she said Oli-dia (she has seen then corrected herself).
Vanilla, she said Va-lilla.

She calls Maggie mee Mega Mee (just because she has been going to Mega Mall), and then she told me one day our High school musical chair (i.e CD) wasn’t working, it took me a few seconds to realise what she was talking about.

After the incident which caused a bump on Zara’s head. I told her I will only let her wear her click clock shoes when she turned 23.

On the day she turned 3, and after all of us wished her Happy Birthday. She proudly said, “I’m 3 years old now. Now can I wear my click clock shoes? Now I understand you already, because I’m big girl.”
When I asked her what she understood, she said, “Cannot throw click clock shoes at jiejie. See, I understand already.”
So the click clock shoe ban was lifted.

When I repeatedly asked her in a public toilet if she wanted to she-she (Chinese : urinate) since we were already there, she said, “You understand or not? Why I tell (told) you so many times I don’t want to she-she, you still asking me?”

When she had a fall, and I told her that’s because she was clumsy, she told me, “You understand or not? The door pushed my head (actually she knocked her head on the door and fell), that’s why I fall down.”

She’s extremely irritated when we don’t ‘understand’ her

Irritated Zaria

When Zara keeps disturbing her, she tells Zara off. “Jie, stop irritating me.”

She put a fork in her mouth, and started climbing from chair to chair. Daddy told her she can’t do that, she might accidentally swallow the fork and then we’ll need to bring her to the hospital to remove the fork from her throat, possibly having to cut her open her if the fork stuck too far deep. “You cannot cut open my stomach. After that my blood splatter on your face then you know.”

My, I’m so entertained by the things she says.

*I told the girls Gardenia and High5 breads are ‘chemical bread’, since I wanted the girls to eat homemade bread; and if you read the label, those bread do contain lots of chemical

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