Our Daily Homemade Bread

September 30, 2009 at 9:35 am

For more than a month, Daddy has not bought a loaf of bread for himself but instead he has been eating home made bread. As for the girls, they are not really bread eaters, and they do not like wholemeal bread. If I baked sweet bread, or rye, I’ll make sure they have it for breakfast as well instead of their usual Koko-crunch or toast made from High-5 bread.

Here are some of the photos of the bread which I baked from then till now, and I think I’m getting the hang of how the dough works.

My 1st wholemeal loaf.. looked horrid right? Although edible.
Wholemeal sunflower seed loaf

2nd attempt, still not so attractive, look wise.
Wholemeal sunflower seed loaf

3rd attempt, YES!
Wholemeal walnut loaf

Sweet white rolls.
Sweet white loaf

Daddy likes the wholemeal walnut bread, so I made it again, replacing 1/2 cup wholemeal flour with wheatgerm.
Wholemeal walnut bread

Made focaccia for dinner using a recipe from the The Pauper Chef, it came out very bland, but that’s because I didn’t put any topping besides coarse sea salt. Daddy liked it though.

This is my favourite. Love the crust colour, and the purplish hue on the bread from the rye flour.
Rye walnut bread

Using the sweet bread recipe, I added ground black and white sesame for some nutty flavoured buns.
Sesame bread

Then last weekend, I tried to make coconut buns.
Coconut bunsDaddy loved it (but he has to encourage me, or I’ll stop baking).
My MIL, FIL and SIL said they were nice.
My dad said no standard (not enough coconut it seemed).
My sis said it’s ok.
So you know who the critic is.

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