Homemade Soy Milk / Soya Bean

August 5, 2009 at 5:10 pm

I made soy milk or soya bean again on Monday. The amount of soy milk I’m consuming will probably give me nice skin even without using any expensive night cream, and so I hope.

I thought I’ll share the recipe, so that those who are interested, especially Malaika’s Mummy, can try it out.

Soak Soy Bean overnight.
Soaked Soy Beans

Put soaked beans into blender, and add water. Ratio : 1 cup soaked soy bean : 3.5 cup waters
Soy Bean milk making

Blend the bean and water mixture until smooth (~1 min high speed). Put the mixture into a sieve (I used a cloth one as it’s quicker to sieve, but you can also use the normal wire sieve), and squeeze out all the milky liquid into a pot.
Home Made Soy Bean

What is left behind on the sieve is Okara. Keep it for making homemade burger, or other dishes or just use it as fertiliser.
Home Made Soy Bean

Add screw pine or pandan leave for added flavour (I heard you can also add black sesame or vanila) and put on stove to boil, stirring occasionally. Add sugar (or you can also make sugar syrup separately). Turn off the fire immediately once the soy milk starts to boil, and it’s done!
Home Made Soy Bean

A bowl of hot soy milk. It looks a bit darkish yellow here because I used brown sugar instead of white.
Home Made Soy Bean

The girls prefer it chilled of course.

Btw, I tried it with black bean (and I skinned it so that the soy milk didn’t appear greyish), and I find it’s creamier and tastier compared to the normal soy bean (which I didn’t skin).

Notes (added 8th Aug) – Pei Sze left a comment to say the soy milk must be boiled for 25mins at least and have the beans skinned. I’m not sure about skinning the beans, I guess that’s your preference. However I googled boiling and this came back, “The cooking time is important, as raw soybeans contain a factor known as a tripsin inhibitor. Essentially, this means that the protein contained in the beans cannot be properly assimilated by the body unless the beans are well cooked. Soy milk should be cooked for at least 25 minutes from the first boiling time. “
So take note. And I’d been feeding the family something that they cannot digest.. baaah.

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