Poking Belly Button

July 22, 2009 at 9:51 am

Zaria Nursing
Remember this photo? Which I posted here when Zaria was 15months old?

Her love for my belly button hasn’t reduced even at 30 months. She doesn’t really ‘depend’ on it for comfort, but she loves to poke her finger in my belly button, or wriggles her finger in my belly button.

When she watches TV and if I sat next to her, she would put her finger in my belly button.

At night when I lay on my stomach to read to her, she’ll try to lift my shoulder up (and sometimes make the dramatic sound as though she’s exerting herself trying to do that) so that I’ll lay on my side, and then she’ll have access to my belly button. While I read to her, this happens :

Zaria enjoying a book and poking belly button

Zaria poking belly button

Sometimes when we’re out and about (in public places), she would lift my t-shirt to reach for my belly button. After many times of telling her not too, now when she has the urge, she’ll say, “In public cannot poke poke belly button right? At home only right?”

Normally at bed time, I’ll tuck them in then I’ll go for my shower. At times, Zaria will tell me, “Can (I) poke poke your belly button first?” So I’ll lay next to her and let her poke my belly button for a while.

Nowadays she even wants to control what I can do with my belly button. If I appled lotion after my bath, and the belly button caught some of the lotion, she would tell me off, “Why got cream in your belly button? You cannot put cream in your belly button oh-kay??!! Next time don’t put huh?”

If I wear a dress, she will tell me, “Why you wear dress? Now I cannot poke poke belly button already.”

If I go to sleep at the same time with the girls, with Zara on my left, and Zaria on my right (yes, we’re still co-sleeping, with Zara on her own bed parked next to ours, and Zaria on our bed in between us); Zara will ask me to hold her hand or put my hand on her tigh (as long as I’m touching her); Zaria will ask me to turn towards her so she can poke my belly button. Imagine how uncomfortable it is for me? With me lying on my right facing Zaria, and my left hand stretched towards the left to touch Zara until either one fall asleep?

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