May 14, 2009 at 11:00 am

“Ohh KAY” That’s how Zaria says her ok, she emphasises the KAY, and say it with a lot of authority.

We went passed a barber, and Daddy jokingly said, “Come, I bring you go in to cut your hair botak.”
Zaria’s reply, “I don’t want to cut botak, I want to cut bootiful, Ohh KAY?”

We had dinner with the in-laws, after dinner Zaria wanted Daddy to carry her. Daddy pretended, “Daddy very tired, can Yeh-yeh or Mah-mah carry you?”
Zaria’s reply, “They carry, I (will) vomit, OUURK *vomit sound*, Ohh KAY?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lately, don’t know why she’s becoming a tyrant, especially to children around her age or those younger than her.

When we met our neighbour with her 1 year + daughter, Abby, I asked her to go play with Abby, and her reply, “I (will) beat her.” o.O”

Yesterday when Leena came with Shern to collect the cot I was selling, I asked Zaria to say hi to Shern, she replied, “I (will) kick the boy.” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She recently calls me by my name, adding Mummy in front, “Mummy Ehk-nes.” Especially when she didn’t get a response from me when she just calls me “Mummy.”
I.e. “Mummy…” ….. (no reply) “MumMY Ehk-nes!! MumMY Ehk-nes!!” until I reply.

And she likes to interupt participate when we’re talking.
“Mummy, sooosh..” “Soosh, don’t talk.” “Mummy Ehk-nes, don’t talk, ohh KAY?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That day, Zara did something wrong, and I asked her to say sorry to me.
Zara said it irritably, “Sorry Mummy.”
Zaria corrected her, “When say sorry, must say nicely, like this (in a small sweet voice) Sorry mummy. ohh KAY cheh?” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We saw a lady who was wearing a black burqa in the clinic, and Zaria immediately pointed at the lady and shouted, “Mummy, why the auntie wearing mask?” Loud enough for the whole clinic to hear. o.O”

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