Weekend Projects

April 20, 2009 at 2:10 pm

5th April 2009
Back from Bangalore and after a nap (only caught like 2hrs of sleep on the plane), went to Malacca to visit my besty and her 8 month old daughter, Maya, who are back from New York for a holiday.

Look at Maya, I’m so envious of those big eyes!

I so like her skin tone. That’s the thing about mix marriages, you produce beautiful babies.

It’s no kidding trying to take photos of 3 kids together.
Zara, Zaria and Maya

Zara, Zaria and MayaHmmph.. I give up.

Normally, I would stay a night there, but this round, due to heavy work commitments, I had to leave the same day after dinner. Will try to catch them again before they leave for New York.

12th April 2009
Zara requested for some cheese puffs and sausage rolls, so I bought some ready made pastry and made some for the girls.

Girls were guarding the oven waiting for their Puffies (That’s what Zara calls them, and Zaria followed).
Sausage rolls and cheese puffs

Girls having fresh from the oven Puffies for dinner, and they were very happy.
Zara having her sausage roll

Zaria having her puffy

For the adults, I tried my hands on mushroom soup. I was quite happy with the result. Daddy said it tasted like the ones you get from the restaurant minus the MSG.
Home made mushroom soup

And main course for us adult was tuna pie and salad (Jelly did the weaving of the pastry and she’s quite good at that).
Home made tuna pie and salad

18th & 19th April 2009
2 trips to Ikea, and many hours of work later, we managed to put up 4 of the girls’ poster size photos up on the wall. Another 4 more to go. *phew*
Girls' photos on the wall

Zaria was very happy this morning, kept saying, “Look at that. My photo(s).” “How many mei-mei’s photos there?”

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