My Friend’s New Baby

December 5, 2005 at 9:30 am

On Sunday morning, we went to the hospital to visit my friend, Sandy, who’d just given birth to a baby boy.

I’d forgotten how fragile and small a new born baby is until I have the little fella in my arms. The little fella was quite a busy body though, scanning his surrounding with only one eye, as the other had some discharge which has stuck the lids together.
(I felt so bad, when I took this photo, the flash just went off and gave him a startle, sorry little fella)

I was carrying him half the time we’re there, while Daddy entertained Zara. Zara was very curious about the baby. When she was near the baby, she tried to poke her finger into the little baby’s mouth when he yawned, and also tried to poke his eyes. After that, we have to make sure she’s far away from the baby, just in case she hurt him without realising.

She also tried to imitate the baby’s whimpering, and laughed at herself after that. For the ~2hrs we were there, she was very well behaved, playing with Daddy, looking at the baby from a far, walking about the room and checking out things, and of course eating (the bread my friend baked before she went into labour). When she became too chatty, and raised her voice, Daddy brought her out of the room for a walk.

I have been encouraging my friend to breast feed, and sharing with her all the benefits (my experiance with Zara). My friend who didn’t breast feed her first baby because of lack of information, is trying to do it for this little boy now. She was telling me the Pediatrician told her that it’s best to mix feed the baby for the first few days so that the baby won’t get dehydrated, and then get jaundice. Although I think that’s crap not true, I don’t want to discourage her as well, and just said do what she thinks is best. It’s better for the baby to consume even a little breast milk then totally none at all like her first child.

After we left the hospital, while in the car, Daddy & I were chatting about how small and helpless new borns were, and it’s hard to imagine 12months ago, our boisterous little girl was just like that, it’s just amazing how much she’d grown. It would be nice to relive those days of caring for a new born, so, we’ll have to work harder on the ‘project’. I just hope it won’t take us another 6 years to get there.

I hope my friend’s journey to breast feeding will be a successfully one, and all the best with her new born baby!

Added at 11:05am :
Breastfeeding does cause jaundice, but this is mainly due to insufficient milk for the first few days, and it’s not life threatening. Readings :
website 1
website 2

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