I Love You

August 20, 2008 at 9:13 pm

Taught Zaria how to sign “I Love You” 2 days back.

Yesterday, she was flipping through a book with pictures of real horses. When she reached the page with a horse resting, she signed to the picture “I Love You” while mouthing the words; and then proceeded to lean one side of her cheek on the picture (her way of ‘sayang’ or showing her affection).

When I asked her “What about us?”
She then also did the same thing to Zara, Daddy and me while saying “Aff (love) you che-che” “Aff you mummy.” “Aff you daddy.” while signing “I Love You”.


Love You (Thanks to Sasha for making this into a gif)

Zaria signing I love you

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I like her way of signing smelly too. She puts her hand near her ear, bends and stetches her fingers.


Zaria signing Smelly

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