Quarreling With A 4 1/2 Year Old

June 24, 2009 at 11:20 am

I’m inpatient.
I stress out easily.
I can be very fierce.
Zara is rather emotional.
And Zara is very good with her words.
So, here is a recipe for disaster…

Scene 1
We were in a crowded Chinese restaurant ordering our Father’s Day dinner (Father’s Day or no Father’s Day, Daddy always leave the stress ordering in a Chinese restaurant to me so if there’s not enough food or the food does not cater to everybody, I get the blame). FIL was with us. It’s already 9pm.
Imagine my stress.
Have to order something suitable for the kids; have to order something not too hard for my FIL (since his dentures doesn’t fit him that well); have to make sure Daddy has his fish.
Zara was pretending she cooked some ‘tooth-pick’ noodle, and was serving me in the midst of a very stress me giving our orders to the waiter.
I just glared at her and said, “Later.”
While I was still choosing dishes, Zara continued, “Mummy, why are you showing me sour face?”
Because I was still busy, I didn’t answer.
“Mummy, why are you showing me sour face? You tell me? Why are you so rude?”
“Excuse me!! exCUSSSSSEE MEEEEEE! Why are you not answering me. Huh?”
I was rather annoyed and replied, “Zara, mummy is ordering dinner ok? Hush!”
After that she went quiet.
When I finished ordering, and stretched out my hand to hold hers (our ‘piece giving’ sign), she withdrew her hand, glared at me and started muttering, “Hmmph! So rude. Don’t hold my hand.”
When I explained to her I was busy, she said, “Hphmm! Why you show me sour face then? Huh? Why?”
Again I stretched out my hand and told her because I was busy ordering and she was disturbing me. She still didn’t want to accept my peace offering.
So I turned my attention to Zaria, and Zara started sobbing.
When I tried to pat/sayang her, she withdrew, and said, “Don’t touch me.”
“Aiya, don’t touch don’t touch la.” I got rather annoyed.
So the whole dinner was like that.. she’s upset I didn’t continue to try to pacify her, and when I did, she turned away.. tired.

Scene 2
It’s a rule that when we walked home from the park, the girls have to stop at the pavement and wait for me to hold their hands to cross the road.
Two days ago, Zara was dashing towards our house, and when she was close to the pavement I didn’t see her intention of stopping and there was a car coming.
I shouted very loudly to issue my warning, “Zara!! Stop!!!”
She stopped, turned back and glared at me. I stretched out my hand to hold hers and asked, “What were you trying to do? Dashing off like that?”
She folded her arm and answered “Hmmph! I was going to stop O-K!!? Why did you shout at me?”
“I saw you dashing off like that, and a car was coming, so I have to shout at you to tell you to stop right?”
“Why did you shout so loud? It’s so irritating you know or not??!!”
And then it was another round of peace offering, not accepted, upset because no more peace offering etc…. tired.

Scene 3
We were doing her Bahasa homework, and after many times of teaching her how to read the word “MALAM” (night), she was able to read M-A = MA, L-A-M= LAM, but didn’t know how to join the MA & LAM together to make the word MALAM. So I said, “M-A, MA. Now put MA in your head (and I use my index finger to point to her head). Then tell me what is L-A-M?”
She glared at me, “Don’t push my head like that ok? You are making my head spin.”
I pointed to her head again a little harder this time and said, “I just pointed at your head only. And asked you to put MA in your head.”
She folded her arms and turned away from me, “You are pushing, not pointing, ok? I don’t want you to help me with my home work. I want Daddy to help.”

She’s only Four and The Half, and already ‘ting-sum-ting-fai’ (Chinese : talking back, rebelling). Aigh. I wonder what it’s going to be like when she’s in her teens.

!#$%!#! Sigh! Baaah!

February 21, 2008 at 11:38 am

Junk On Tow!

My Italian junk car just went dead on a busy road on my way to pick Zara up from school.
Car zoomed me by, drivers glared at me for slowing them down, but nobody offered to help!
And 2 of our traffic police stopped by and asked me what happened, instructed me to lift up my boot up to notify cars zooming by my situation, so that I don’t get rammed. And they too didn’t offer to help push my car to the side!

In the end, it was Axa that came to the rescue. I called their hot line, and they sent a tow truck to tow my car away. All free! (next time when you buy car insurance, make sure the company you buy from offer such services at no additional cost)

Daddy too rushed from the office to pick Zara up (her school was quite good, changed her and fed her lunch while she waited for us) and then home to check on the car, he declared my battery has totally gone flat. !#$%!#!


Zaria had recurring fever since Christmas. Her fever always fell on holidays, and got well after the holidays so she’d only been checked out by GPs. Yesterday, on her 4th fever, we brought her to see a paed.

It seemed, she had middle ear infection, and so had to be put on antibiotic. Sigh!


Zara’s school has a post Chinese New Year celebration today, and they had placed the notice in Zara’s bag. Neither Daddy nor me checked her bag ever the last few days.

Today when she went to school, all her friends were in their Chinese New Year’s best and our girl was wearing her uniform!! What kind of parents are we for not being more interested in the girl’s school work bag. Baaah!

Protected: Protected: The Forgotten One

September 7, 2007 at 9:50 am

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Protected: Protected: Spotted

July 10, 2007 at 11:04 am

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Recovering the Milk

June 14, 2007 at 1:20 pm

continues from here

2:30am : Still no news from MAS Lost & Found counter. Tried calling them numerous times, no reply.
Called MAS 24hrs line, to check if they can locate someone in the airport to understand the situation. Repeated my whole story for the 3rd time (Breast milk, precious, urgent, spoil if arrived late were words/phrases I have to keep repeating to add urgency to the situation). Harry from MAS checked, and confirmed MH610 already landed. He would try to call his colleagues in KLIA, and then will call me back.
3:00am : No calls from Harry. I called the 24hr line again. Rosa was the one who picked up my call. She said they are still trying to locate someone in the airport, but wasn’t able to. She kept silence most of the time when I asked her, “What is happening on your side?” “So how now?” This really frustrated me. Asked her for the manager. A Patma came to the line, and she said she’ll try her best to locate someone.
3:15am : Roslan from KLIA called, said my things were with them, but they could only deliver to me at 5am. WTF?!!! He called from his mobile so I have his number. I paced around the room wondering if I should wait till 5am.
3:30am : Decided to drive to KLIA on my own to collect my liquid gold instead. Called and informed Roslan, I could hear a delighted tone in him when he added, “So we don’t need to send it over to you?”
4:15am : Arrived KLIA. Roslan’s crew handed my things to me. “Sorry yeah miss, lots of problem today, that’s why can’t call you earlier.” I just sped off. Niah mah fu lat!! Now how do I claim my toll and petrol to the airport?
5:00am : Reached home. Sorted the milk. What was still frozen, I quickly tossed it back into the freezer. What was partially thawed, I poured out the thawed milk into the bottle and then tossed the frozen back to the freezer. Took me half hour to do this.
Wrote a note to tell Daddy and the maids I wanted to sleep in, and I wanted no disturbance. Moved a mattress over to the study (didn’t want to be awaken when the kids wake up at 8am), and dozed off.
6:00am : Daddy came over with a crying Zara. “She wants you.” Dropped her on my mattress and walked back to the room. I was too tired to argue with him or I would have given him a big knock on the head for doing this since I needed to sleep. I carried Zara back to the room and tried to pacify her as well as get her back to sleep.
6:15am : Went back to the study and when I was about to doze off. Daddy came over again as Zara woke up and cried when she didn’t see me!!!!
6:30am : Made sure Zara is asleep. Since the maid were all up, I told them I’ll be sleeping in, and moved my mattress to their room, locked the door, and slept!
10:00am : Woke up feeling like a zombie.

I’m the kind who has to take 8hrs of sleep every night.. so I’m not in my element today!

Screw Malaysian Airlines for such screw up and such customer service! Damn the new regulations and Changi not giving exemption to nursing mums!

Now let me see if I can claim back my return trip to KLIA to collect the missing baggage the airline caused!

Crying Over Spilled Milk

June 14, 2007 at 3:20 am

I was on a business trip for 3 days.
I woke up daily at 6:30am to express milk.
Shortened my lunch hour to 1/2 hour to express milk.
Instead of going shopping immediately after work (Great Singapore Sales is on), I stayed back in the hotel for another half hour to express milk.
Every night, after I’d expressed milk for the last time, got the hotel to store all the milk in the freezer for me, washed all the bottles, it would be 12am.
Now, is the milk precious or not?

8:00pm : Arrived Changi airport for my 9:20pm flight MH610
8:15pm : Checked in my suitcase, and was told MH610 has been delayed to 9:45pm. Suitcase tagged with MH610.
8:20pm : Before passing immigration, I asked security check point if I could carry my 2litre of frozen milk with me on board. I was denied entry, even though it mentioned “special dietery requirement” is excempted. They let me get out to ‘sort out’ my problem.
8:30pm : Got some masking tape from the shop, and taped up my cooler box and cooler bag.
8:45pm : Checked in my cooler box, and cooler bag. I was told flight MH610 has been delayed infinitely, and we would be put on MH608 departing at 9:30pm instead. Both my cooler box and cooler bag were tagged wtih MH608 tags.
9:00pm : Rushed through immigration, and went to the gate.
9:30pm : Started boarding the flight.
10:00pm : Flight took off finally.
11:00pm : Arrived KLIA. Went straight to claim my baggage.
11:15pm : Suitcase appeared.
11:45pm : Still no sign of my cooler bag and cooler box (anxious).
11:50pm : Was told no more items left in cargo, and I should proceed to Lost & Found to lodge a complain. (fuming)
12:00am : Have to tell the guy the content in the cooler box and cooler bag, and how important it is. He told me there’ll be no more incoming flight from Singapore. Have to tell him Susu Ibu is Breast Milk in English, to help him type that in to the report to indicate the urgency, and see if Singapore can help me to store the milk back into the freezer. I also took the Changi baggage handler number from him.
12:10am : Boarded my cab. On the way home, called up Changi baggage handler, phone was answered in 3 rings. The guy who took my call told me that at his end, he couldn’t see the cooler box or bag, he told me to call MAS counter in Changi. Called MAS counter in Changi, Nur who answered (picked up within 3 rings as well), told me she’ll help me trace the bags, and will call me back.
12:20am : Nur told me bags have been located, they have been mistakenly (she didn’t use this word, but how else could the bags ended up in the wrong flight) loaded into MH610, which will depart at 1am or later from Singapore.
12:35am : Reached home. Called Nur again, and she confirmed MH610 would be departing at 1am. Called MAS Lost & Found counter, it took me 6 attempts, infinite rings, before I reached a Roslan. He’s aware of my situation (probably became the big talk among the boys, this susu ibu thingy), and said he’ll send the bags immediately when the flight arrived.
1:00am : Called Nur in Changi again, and she said MH610 has taken off.
1:40am : Waited and Waited and Waited.

…. to be continued

Protected: Protected: 10 ways He Pisses me off

May 7, 2007 at 10:46 pm

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Ikea’s 10 years Warranty

April 7, 2007 at 5:49 pm

Daddy is very supportive of Ikea. When we moved in to our new house, we tried to get most of our furniture from Ikea. People had adviced us against getting wardrobe and kitchen cabinet from Ikea, claiming they are not suitable for our weather. Daddy, however, thought the 10 years warranty given were good ‘guarentee’ enough.

So despite the advice, we bought our kitchens (both wet and dry) cabinets from Ikea.  It was the Nexus Oak series that we got, doors were just oak veneer but we paid quite a lot for them.

After just 2 years, the doors started to have stains, a darkish patch started spreading like some kind of disease. Even the plinth (or the skirting) caught the stain.

Daddy started making calls to Ikea. At first, they claimed we need to bring the items back for exchange. Kitchen doors! To uninstall them and bring them in for exchange!! Daddy asked to speak to higher management, his voice was louder with each calls made.

After a few more calls, the Ikea contractor who did the installation were called in to do inspection, followed by Ikea folks, snapping photos here and there. Then, we were told Nexus Oak is no longer available, how about if they replaced the affected doors with aluminium doors (or was it glass?) or Nexus Birch (similar in price to what we paid). We made several trips to Ikea, to see how we can mix and match our doors, i.e. the current Nexus Oak coexisting with a few aluminium doors or Nexus Birch. I just couldn’t see how they will match.

Daddy made more calls, speaking to various people mainly from customer service, voicing his concerns. Eventually, they agreed to replace our doors and plints with whatever material we choose from their available series! We chose solid oak (Ulriksdal Oak) to replace the oak veneer, it’s more expensive, but the closest we can get to our original doors.

We made our decision in the little room in Ikea.
Customer Service : “Blah blah blah…. Solid Oak then?”
Me : “But they look odd, some with grooves (Ulriksdal Oak) and some without (Nexus Oak)”
Customer Service : All your doors will be replaced.”
Me : *pupil widened*“At no cost?”
Customer Service : “Yeah, we bear the cost”
Daddy : (usually a bit slow) “How can they charge us? But yeah man, the doors will be a bit mismatch, some with grooves some without.”
Me : *nudged Daddy” “She said ALL doors lah!”
Daddy : *pupil widened (finally got it)* “ALL the DOORS? At no cost?”
Customer Service : “Yes.”

Few days later, doors and plints were sent over by the delivery guys (at NO COST), then Ikea contractor dropped by to install them (at NO COST), and the old doors and plints were packed and brought back to Ikea (at NO COST).
Ikea kitchen cabinets
We got our kitchen cabinets upgraded a few days later AT NO COST!

Daddy was happily exclaiming, “See, that’s what I call customer service. And that’s why I don’t want to buy my kitchen cabinets from some Ah Chong company. With Ikea’s 10 years warranty, I don’t have to worry if anything goes wrong”

This is true, but not without some noise making though.

Short Take – Back to Work

April 3, 2007 at 1:31 pm

The kids were still sleeping at 9:45am! Not being awaken. I asked Tuyam, “Kalau mereka tidur sampai 12pm, you biar kan saja lar?” (Malay : If they slept till 12pm, you’ll leave them sleeping?)

My boss commented, Full time mum and you have a part time job eh?” when I had my 1 on 1 with him. Apparently he read this post  “=.=

Zara was so happy to see me home yesterday, she wanted to sit on my lap while I had dinner, and kept stroking my face. I was away from her for 10hours (the last I was away this long, it was when I went for my biz trip in Jul ’06).

Zaria refused to drink milk from the bottle and cried every time the bottle was placed in her mouth. She took less than 4oz while I was at work. She preferred to go hungry, and waited for me. She drank hungrily when I offered her the breast when I got home. =.=”

Work?? Pile high! 3000mails and every thing is urgent!! Well.. almost.
There’s also this new program, which I have little knowledge of and I have to pick it up and run!

Confinement – Over

January 30, 2007 at 4:32 pm

Confinement is finally over!!

Actually it was over for me on Friday, when Daddy and I left the girls with the CL and Tuyam and went for dinner. Just the two of us. The first time we did this in 26months! Yes, since Zara was born, we never gone out for a dinner without her. Sad eh?
When we got back, Zara was asleep. Tuyam told us Zara was hugging my bolster and pillow crying, “Mummy sorry, mummy, sayang (Malay : stroke, love) you (me)”; and she cried so long that she tired herself and dozed off. She thought I went out because I was angry with her, even though I’d told her we’d gone out for dinner with my boss and children are not supposed to go  (a lie, I know) . I felt so sorry.

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

Daddy sent the CL off with RM20 ang pow and full pay on Saturday. When Daddy told her about not giving her a big ang pow, the CL said she understood and she was sorry about the kitchen top.
To be fair to the CL, although she was not very helpful with other chores ourside of her ‘job description’ (if they have one) and being so forgetful and careless, she was good to Zaria. That was why we kept her for the full 30days.
No matter how many times I woke her up in the night to change Zaria’s diaper (if I knew it was soiled), she woke up willingly, never once sounded impatient and talked to Zaria softly while changing her.
She called Zaria by her name and always spoke to her gently (my first CL told me she never called the babies under her care by their names, preferring to call them ah-boy or ah-girl). Before she left, she kissed Zaria on the cheek (Ew!) and told her to be good.

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

Zaria had her fullmoon celebration in Dragon I on Saturday, just a family event. She was very well behaved with so many people taking turns to carry her.

On Sunday, it was Daddy and my first trip bringing the two girls out. We just went out in the evening to the Lake Gardens, and then for dinner. To get everybody ready, it took 2hrs!
Zaria slept througout the time we were in Lake Gardens and by dinner time she was awake and fussing. Dinner was total chaos. We have Zaria crying (which is getting more common after the CL left) in my arms; Zara on Daddy’s lap refusing to have her dinner and making a mess of everything on the table. Both of us were eating with one hand, while holding on to each girl with the other.
Other diners were throwing glances at us, probably saying to themselves “Thank God for contraceptive!”. *sigh*

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